Thursday, March 23, 2006


For those of you who have heard of Mark Yee Len Jin, you would know that at one point in my life (when I was 16), I was very much in love with this guy. I knew him thru my pet bro, David Ong (otherwise known as Beng Beng... =/); both of them were former La Sallians. Len Jin and I met on Valentine's Day in 2001. I remember how Vicky, Jas, Li Foong, Pui Yin, Bin and I would go to the MPPJ library after school "to do revision"... hahaha... maybe they did go there to study but it was a different story for me. I liked going there cuz of Len Jin... ;P He usta go there after school too... ;)

And I remember the Canteen Day at La Salle school in 2001 and how I was supposed to watch A Walk To Remember (one of the most romantic movies I've ever watched) with Len Jin after that but instead, I watched it with Vicky cuz Len Jin couldn't make it at the last minute... =P Then we sorta double dated a few times with Priscilla Wong and Jeff Chin (aka Wai Loon), the cutest guy in church. I remember there was one time, Len Jin, Jayson Yong, Joel Low and I went to the Mall to watch Panic Room. Jayson knew I liked Len Jin but dunno why he sat BETWEEN us. So I was really disappointed that I didn't get to sit next to Len Jin... hahaha... ;P

Len Jin and I never got together cuz we liked each other at different times. I remember when he usta like me... he would always burn his fav songs for me, call me up and talk about nothing at all and on the day he left for India (to further his studies in medicine), he only called one person from the airport: ME. I couldn't send him off that day cuz I had to go to the clinic the next day for a major operation.

A year later, when he came back for holidays, I met him at a youth concert and then I met him briefly at the Mall. Then we sorta had a fight and we didn't speak for almost a year. When we started talking again, we became close again and he constantly text me from India.

When he came back to Malaysia a few weeks ago, I was the first person he called. We talked for a long time over the phone and I realized how much I missed him (as a very good friend and nothing more). I was supposed to meet him last week but things came up at the last minute so we didn't get to meet up. The poster of Delirious? that I took for Len Jin at the AYA Festival is still with me. I had been so busy with my assignments and other stuff, I didn't even have time to call Len Jin up.

I just talked to Len Jin online and he told he was going back to India TOMORROW. My heart sank when I heard that... I felt extremely disappointed. I started to have flashbacks as I was talking to him. Hence, I'm writing this now... =/

I remember Beng Beng once told me that Len Jin usta hum "More Than Words" everyday in class... hence, this song has always reminded me of Len Jin. For memory's sake, I put this song in my blog.

(This is Len Jin's most recent pic)
From left: Mark Yee Len Jin (looking muscular & taller than the last time I saw him), Tan Tai Yin (my high school junior), Justin Ng (ex-La Sallian) & Joel Low (ex-La Sallian)


When he was in India, he sent these 2 pics to me:

He's the one with the guitar...


Len Jin, worship leading in youth church


Baby, don't feel jealous cuz Len Jin is a very good friend of mine. He does mean a lot to me but not as much as you do, okie? *muaks!*

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