Monday, June 26, 2006

*An Unforgettable Weekend*

On Saturday (June 24th), baby and I went to church for our rehearsal (we were gonna present a special item the next day at the SLS 6th Anniversary Celebration) and then we had dinner with his family. I had a great time with baby's family as they are very nice and warm... yet a rather eccentric bunch, I must say... =P

Rogers' grandparents tease each other like a courting couple altho they're in their 80s; his younger sis, Joanne (13 years old) likes to annoy Rogers and Jasmine (20 years old) by talking loudly... and Joanne and her mom like to tease Jasmine about her "many boyfriends"... ;P Janice (11 years old) is really shy and she would just laugh along when everyone laughs... =) Rogers' family like to make fun of us every now and then... and his grandpa referred to me as Rogers' "lou poh chai" (soon-to-be wife)... ;P

Rogers' mom learns line dancing, btw... my mom usta learn that too but due to her busy schedule, she stopped taking dance lessons. So now I know both our moms have something in common... =) Rogers' dad is a man of few words but he can be really sarcastic and blunt... =P I was kinda touched when he ordered fried sotong and fried kerang just for me tho... *sniffs*

At one point, Rogers' mom actually "conspired" with Jasmine's high skool friends to surprise Jasmine during the dinner. Her 20th birthday was last Tuesday... and her friends came that night to celebrate with her.

After dinner, I went to the clinic with baby as he was down with a fever... =( I couldn't stop nagging him when we were at the clinic and when he sent me home, I repeatedly told him to take good care of himself, drink more water, get more rest, etc. Then he just nodded his head and said, "Yes, Mommy" in that cute voice of his... =S I really enjoyed myself with baby's family that night and I felt closer to baby after spending time with his family. I felt as tho I was already part of his family... *blushes*

Okie... okie... I know whatcha thinking... =P YES, I do wanna marry baby someday. You may think it's too fast for me to think about that but I love baby more than I ever loved anyone else before... so of coz I wanna spend the rest of my life with him. He's the BEST thing that ever happened to me... ^_^

The following day, which was SLS 6th Anniversary Celebration, I was involved in 3 performances. I was also in the worship team that day, btw. I sang back-up for Jaime during worship, and then I was involved in the Cutting Edge Youth performance with Rogie, Mike, Yennie, Connie and Benjamin (he played the piano). We sang "You Are Beautiful Beyond Description" in Malay (Ku Kagum Hormat Akan Engkau). Mike was singing along... can you believe it??? Yennie said he had been practising at home... hehehe... he's an Australian, mind you... =P Ang mo, ya know... ;D

After that, I was involved in the Christ Clan performance. I sang United Live's "One Way" with Nicholas, Brandon Lau, Brandon Khoo, Keith (my cousin), Sue Ann (Keith's sis) and my youngest bro, Joe; whilst Bridget played the drums, Alyssa on the piano and Benedict on the guitar. And last but not least, baby and I did a duet on Jars Of Clay's "Worlds Apart" (it's playing in this blog right now but it's not Jars Of Clay's version). Many ppl complimented us after that... ^_^ They didn't know Rogers could sing... hehehe... =D

I just realized how talented my baby actually is... he can sing, compose songs, write songs, play the acoustic guitar and bass (he's the bassist of MiLLa, remember?), play a lil' bit of drums... AND he can play the piano too! Is my baby awesome or what? He's my #1 rock star... hehehe... *beams with pride*

During the church service, we played with Jack's son, lil' Joshua. I carried him for a while... and then I let Rogie (who was sitting next to me) carry Joshua. Then Jack passed us the milk bottle and told us to teach lil' Joshua to pray 1st before drinking it. Then Rogie carried Joshua in his arms and fed him... =.= I suddenly felt awkward cuz it looked as tho we were Joshua's parents and Rogie did look like a proud daddy... hahaha... +_+

Looking at Rogie playing with lil' Joshua brought a smile to my face... =D When Rogie turned to me and said, "I've always wanted to do this...", I suddenly felt that Rogie IS everything I'm looking for and MORE... Awww... =') Rogie is gonna make a good daddy someday... ;D But not so soon la, of coz... =P Maybe in 7 years' time...

Anywayz, Daniel (my cousin-in-law/Christ Clan's cell leader) took some pics of us performing and here they are... =)

Cutting Edge Youth performance


Christ Clan performance



After lunch, baby and I went to Cineleisure to watch Stay Alive. It's about this group of kids who come across a horror-survival video game called "Stay Alive" and when they die in the game, they start to die in real life in the same way. The game is based on this woman named Elizabeth Bathory, who was actually a real woman who lived in the 1500s and murdered a bunch of virgin girls... =/ After the movie, we went to SS2 to have early dinner. Well, at least baby did... and I made sure he took his medicine on time. Then baby dropped me off at The Curve (cuz my Mom called when we were in SS2 and she told me to meet her at Ultimate Impression).

When I reached the beauty salon, Aunty Cathy, Aunty Janet, Aunty Irene Lau and her 2 sons, Brandon and Nicholas were all there. Aunty Cathy is my Mom's sister and the rest are my Mom's friends from church. My Mom was in one of the rooms when I got there... getting her brows done. The rest of them (except for Brandon and Nicholas, of coz) had their brows done too. It's called "embroidery" (semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos). I had mine done too... cuz my Mom insisted... *shrugs* The embroidery can last up to 2 years... and I can go back to the beauty salon for 2 free touch-ups after a month. The embroidery costs RM 350... whew... =.="

We had dinner at Little Penang Cafe after that and the aunties were talking excitedly about their brows... and if ppl were gonna notice their brows at Yennie's wedding this coming Sat (July 1st). Yennie is a Malaysian Chinese and she's getting married to a nice Australian chap named Michael Starkey... =) Both of them are from my youth cell, Cutting Edge. I love weddings and I can hardly wait to attend their wedding ceremony and dinner!!! Stay tuned to see the pics we're gonna take this Sat... ^_^

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