Thursday, July 6, 2006

How Do YOU Define Beauty?

Quite often, girls get comments like this:

You think you're very pretty meh? Please la, look at yourself in the mirror! What do you see? A FUGLY PIG! Imagine a world without Revlon, L'Oréal, Maybelline and whatnot! Your pretty face is currently just a facade!

To everyone with this view:

You dun usually discriminate people just because they're ugly, right? You dun look at someone on the street and say, "She's friggin' ugly! That's a crime!"

Then we come to the make-up part:

Please understand. What if you were born ugly BUT blessed with a skill? A skill so valuable... and together with the skill are tools that are economically priced. With the two, you can make yourself look better in a jiffy. Hey, you can have the opposite sex's attention without having to go thru plastic surgery, yo. However, most girls dun put make-up cuz they find it a hassle to do so... *shrugs*

Well, being pretty only with make-up ain't a crime, ya know. It's phony, you exclaim. WRONG.

All-natural but ugly versus made-up but beautiful, I choose the latter. There is nothing wrong with my decision at all. I'm sure you yourself have "cheated" people in some ways. Hair rebonding... tooth whitening... and all that jazz.

I really feel like slapping guys who think that girls without make-up are more attractive than girls with make-up. IT'S A FRIGGIN’ STUPID THING TO SAY. PERIOD.

When is a woman most beautiful? On her wedding day, honey... and it is ALWAYS with make-up. You want your bride without make-up? Fine, let her strut around with that big pimple on her chin. Let other people see your wife looking tired and pale from all the preparations! No make-up! No phony-ness! All-natural!

To stand true to your theory, guys, dun brush your teeth from now on. Dun shave, nor color your hair. For girls, dun pluck your eyebrows or armpit hair. There you go, all-natural... =D

I understand the dilemma of men, of coz. Some women look weird with make-up cuz they apply it wrongly. Perhaps it makes them look like they are going to perform for a Chinese opera... or perhaps it makes them look so scary that they make kids run away screaming. In such situations, men can complain about make-up, of coz. I'm not THAT unreasonable... @_@

For those of you who think that girls without make-up are more attractive than girls with make-up, we girls solemnly swear to get rid of stupid MCPs one fine day. MCPs are Male Chauvinist Pigs, btw... =/ Thank God that Rogers ain't one of them... ;P


aNgeLic JuLiA said...

been reading xiaxue? :)

michsue said...

so who were u referring to in ur blog? tanya? ;P

aNgeLic JuLiA said...

ooh...cleber clap1

michsue said...

ooooo... can i have tanya's blog address? wanna read it... and see how she looks like... cuz i forgot how she looks like... =P

aNgeLic JuLiA said...

hmm .... wait till i see u online