Monday, July 3, 2006

MiLLa's 1st Acoustic Gig @ Gigger's Cafe

Yesterday, Rogie picked me up at 2 ish and then we met up with Elvin (his godbro) at Raju's for lunch. Elvin entertained us with his funny stories and we had a great time catching up... =) After that, we went back to my place to change and then we went to Gigger's Cafe (formerly known as Paul's Place) in Old Klang Road for the Open Mic Night. When we reached there, it wasn't opened yet so we went to the McD's Drive-Thru in Kuchai Lama and bought a Double Cheeseburger meal. I LOVE McD's fries... *drools* Anywayz, when we went back to Gigger's Cafe, it was still closed so we joined CY, Sunjoong and KC at the nearby mamak stall.

Rogie seemed appalled to see that Sunjoong had permed his hair (he was in Korea for 2 weeks so we only saw his new hairdo yesterday) but Sunjoong seemed oblivious to the expressions on our faces cuz he hugged us warmly and started talking animatedly... =P I think his new hairdo suits him... he looks more like a Korean now... =) He gave me a souvenir... something to whack Rogie with whenever he misbehaves... hohohohoho!!!

At 6 ish, Paul Millot (the owner of Gigger's Cafe) arrived. We chilled there for a few hours (I was the only girl there), had some beer, hotdogs and burgers... and MiLLa only started performing at 10 ish. Sam, Calvin, Mavis, Amanda and Sky arrived right before MiLLa's performance. MiLLa did very well last night and everybody agreed that the acoustic performance was one of MiLLa's best... =D After the gig, Calvin did some card tricks and magic tricks on me... very entertaining indeed... -_-

By the time we left the cafe, it was 1 something in the morning. Then the 8 of us: Rogie, Calvin, Mavis, Sam, KC, Sunjoong, CY and I went to Ajimal for supper. At one point, KC tricked Sunjoong into running after the pirated DVD vendor so that the guys could pour soya sauce, pepper, teh ais, Milo and Horlicks into his Coke while he was gone... *shudders* So when Sunjoong drank the mixture, he spat on KC... hahaha!!! That was really funny... =P But the funniest part was when Sunjoong suddenly kissed KC on the cheek... +_+ The look on KC's face was CLASSIC...

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