Friday, August 25, 2006

What REALLY Happened...

Last Thursday (August 17th), I started having a really bad feeling about my interview the following day. On Friday morning (August 18th), I was chatting with Han, Steph and Bernie on MSN about how I didn't wanna go to the interview later that day cuz I felt too lazy to go all the way to Cheras (I live in Taman Sri Sentosa on Old Klang Road). When I told them about the bad feeling I had, they assumed it was only "butterflies in my stomach" so they told me to be more confident about myself. After talking to them, I shrugged off the bad feeling... thinking that it was probably my subconscious trying to chicken out from that interview because I already had my mind set on working at SoftCell, an ad agency in Taman Desa.

To be honest, the last time I had that bad feeling, it was back in
1999... days before a friend of mine died in a hit-and-run accident. Only this time, the feeling was stronger and I did wonder if it was some sorta premonition. Looking back, it was probably the Holy Spirit trying to warn me.

Anywayz, I left the house at
3 p.m. on Friday, wearing a light brown collared shirt and black pants. I walked to the nearest bus stop to wait for a cab and after waiting for nearly half an hour, I flagged down a red and white cab (a Proton Saga). 

After about
10-15 mins, I smelt burning incense wafting up my nostrils but I didn't think much about it cuz I thought the smell was coming from the outside. However, when I realized that the windows were all closed and the smell was getting stronger, I thought it was rather peculiar. Then I felt really woozy and I passed out.

Until now, I dun remember what happened to me over the next few days. When I was found unconscious on
Monday night on Jalan Limau Purut in Bangsar, I was still clad in my light brown collared shirt and black pants but my undergarments were missing. Although my handbag was beside me, only my cosmetics, my IC and my ATM card were still intact. My cell phone, my gold necklace and some cash were missing too. When a few joggers saw me lying on the pavement, they came over and tried to wake me up. I woke up feeling really groggy and when I realized I was lying on the pavement, I was in a state of shock. I started to shake violently and cry uncontrollably. So they tried to calm me down and took me to Pantai Medical Center cuz I felt nauseous and giddy.

When my family arrived at the hospital, we hugged and cried for a long time. Even my dad and my
3 brothers were in tears. That day was my dad's 51st birthday and he said that my safe return was the best birthday gift he had ever received... =') All my aunties, uncles and cousins turned up too. My brothers were at a church camp and they rushed back just to see me. The ppl from that camp had been praying for me since Sunday.

Not long after that, I was transferred to
PPUM (Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya), otherwise known as University Hospital, as it was a police case. During my stay in the hospital, about 90 ppl visited me: my relatives, friends from skool, friends from my church, church leaders, friends from other churches, friends from college, and friends of my parents and brothers. I was really glad to see everybody... esp. my bhanders (Vicky, Peter, Pui Yin, Jas, Yih Shin, Li Foong, Bin, Sacha and Hsiao Wei), Mavis, Sam, and Bridget; my godbros Ramon and Ryan; my godsis Sharon; my cousins and their significant halves, Chui Ling, Cindy, Ivan, Priscilla, Joycelyn, Carrie, and many more... there are just too many to mention here.

Almost everyone I know and care about visited me... except Han... *sobs* But he did call me on Wednesday to apologize and he came to my place yesterday. I forgave him... hahaha... cuz he's a lecturer (he's only 25 years old) and he's always super busy. We chatted till midnight and he gave me a big hug before he left... =) He's like my long-lost twin bro or something... cuz we think alike... ;P Sometimes we can even finish each other's sentences! He's my confidant... =) Han, I miss you!!!

When Rogers' mom, his 3 sisters, and his godbro, Elvin came, they all hugged me and cried. Joanne was the most emotional one. I know she adores me very much cuz she usta share personal things with me... things she would never share with her sisters or her mom. Rogers' dad visited me TWICE that day, btw. Oh, how I love Rogers' family... I really miss spending time with them. His mom said she would invite me over for dinner when I'm feeling better... =)

Back to my family...

When I didn't go home on Friday night, my parents were furious cuz they thought I stayed overnight at a friend's place without telling them. I was supposed to go to the Planet Shakers' concert on Friday night with the Christ Clan (my youngest bro Joe's youth cell). But when my parents couldn't reach my celly, they were worried sick so they lodged a police report on Saturday night. All my family members and friends were looking for me. They called my friends and they told my friends to call those who know me. My 2nd elder bro Kelvin, my cousin Jessie and her husband, Daniel even forwarded e-mails about me in hope that someone had seen or heard from me. They were hoping and praying that someone would contact them about my whereabouts.

On the same night the police report was lodged, the person who claimed she found my phone in Cheras (I think her name was Sook Ling) replied some of my friends' SMSes and told them that she wasn't the owner of the phone. So my family and friends tried to coax her to return my phone to them so that they could locate me thru my phone book. However, the lady claimed that she could only return the phone on Monday night as she was in Malacca. Unfortunately, Calvin (Rogers' cousin) unintentionally said some stuff that pissed the lady off so she decided not to return the phone to my family. As she was only lead to the case, my family was disappointed that the lady changed her mind about meeting them. Until today, she has yet to return the phone to us.

Then the following day (Sunday), my parents seeked help from MCA and there was a press conference on Monday. It was published in the Chinese newspapers on the same day at 6 ish.

Many ppl cried during the church service on Sunday and the preacher even changed his sermon topic because of me. They activated a 24-hour prayer chain for me too. Then some of them distributed flyers in Cheras after the church service.

I heard that many caring Malaysians (and Singaporeans) called my family and friends to offer help before I was found. I felt so touched that so many well-wishers called my parents to find out how I was when I was hospitalized. When I got home, the 1st thing I did was to read the comments on my blog and on my friends’ blogs. I read the ones on some strangers' blogs as well. Most comments were really encouraging... although some were really nasty and ridiculous. I had to laugh at the fact that some thought I ran away... and some actually thought I attempted suicide! =S

I'm glad that friends like Bindiya, Hsiao Wei, Jasmine, Vicky, Tai Yin, Bridget and my cousin-in-law, Daniel Wong defended me. I love y'all so much! They defended me cuz they knew I was better than that. I dun really blame those who posted rubbish about me cuz they dunno me. But I do hope that you ppl will think long and hard before you say something that could tarnish a person's reputation. You guys are grownups, yo. Put yourselves in my shoes. Would you want anyone to say nasty things about you when they dun even know you or know the whole truth? Get your facts right before you bad-mouth someone. Dun make a fool outta yourself by posting stupid comments.

I got many encouraging e-mails from strangers and friends from overseas as well. I was really touched by one particular e-mail that a "fan" of mine sent to Julz (aka Hsiao Wei)
Hi Julia,

First of all, you don't know me! I got your e-mail address from your blog, where u posted on the searching of Michelle. Before I say anything further, allow me to briefly introduce myself. My name is Amelia Ooi, from Melaka and I'm 23 this year.

Yesterday I came across Michelle's blog and got to know about her missing. Well it brought curiosity to me, so I browsed through her posts. I began reading from the latest posts, the ones which she stated how devastated she was after the break up. I don't know why but suddenly I felt empathy for her. It was so strong that I actually felt she's one of my close friend and I would just need to give her a hug and comfort her. But the truth is, I don't know her at all, neither does she. But I got to understand and know her through her blog, which I've practically read the whole day yesterday.

I continued reading her posts on Feb 2006, the time where she just found an angel in her life, Rogers. It was like reading a love novel, you know. I felt so happy for her that time. But as time passed by till the break up period, she was crushed to the ground and her heart was broken into a million pieces. I can feel her pain and I feel it with her because just a few days ago I experienced a very painful relationship with my boyfriend. My eyes filled with tears reading how hurt she was and it was very weird because I don't even know her and yet I care for her. Seeing that she got so many friends and relatives to love her besides her boyfriend, I'm happy for her because I don't have such privileges. At one stage I even thought of ending my life. So I'm really touched and amazed seeing how strong Michelle is and she's really one strong-will girl! I even prayed that she will recover fast enough to continue being the cheerful & cute Michelle everyone knows.

The bottom line is, I really wish to know her in person. I find her very extra-ordinary and I would not want to miss this opportunity to know a girl who's so devout and vivacious. It's great to have many wonderful friends with you, especially when you are down. I was once like her, and you too. But now I'm just the little black mouse where ever I go. So it would be very much appreciated if you could like give me Michelle's e-mail add or any source which I can contact her. By seeing that now she's so popular till she has a Michelle Fan Club, I think she might not have time for me. Whatever it is, I will try. I would just want to know her, that's all and I mean no harm!

Really appreciate your time spent here. Hope to hear from you soon.


Btw, this case was published in the Chinese newspapers on Monday, Tuesday and today (Friday). It was the headline news, apparently. I can't believe I have fans now... =S

You must be wondering how I'm feeling now, right? Well... I have no fear in me, that's for sure. However, I feel uneasy whenever I think about the chanting that I heard during my ordeal. The gynecologist confirmed on Wednesday that I wasn't raped, btw. Altho my undergarments were missing when I was found, I would wanna look on the bright side and think that I wasn't molested. Even if I was, I have no recollection of it at all as I was unconscious throughout the entire ordeal.

I dun blame God for what happened. I have no reason to be angry with God. I think that God allowed this to happen to bring my family closer together and closer to Him. The fact that I'm still alive and well today proves that prayer really works too! All glory to God!!!

The Lord put the song "Give Them All To Jesus" in my heart on the night I was found. The song was playing in my head when I was lying on the hospital bed. Then the next day, Bridget reminded me about the song that I composed a few years ago for a talent competition and the chorus goes like this:
It's not easy when I face the world alone
But when my Saviour covers me
With His great love and mercy
I know I can survive
Because Jesus is my side
Through it all

I'm so thankful to have a friend like you, Bridget. You've been an angel, gurl... and I love you!

This whole thing made me realize that life is unpredictable. I've also come to realize that death is a natural part of living. All of us will die someday; it's simply a matter of time. And so it reminds us not to wait until tomorrow to do what we really wanna do. We've gotta LIVE our life rather than just let each day pass us by.

Many ppl dun touch on the existence of death, cuz it's frightening and difficult to face. Denial of death can bring on probs, esp. leading us to live empty and purposeless lives. If we dun remind ourselves that we can't live forever, then we tend to postpone doing things we oughta do. And when death comes, there's the unfinished business. Indeed, death puts us in touch with reality, and make us realize the importance of intimacy in life.

I know that God will deal with the culprit(s) who abducted me so I dun harbor any hatred in my heart towards them for the Lord says, "Vengeance is Mine." I know I'll be able to get thru this because I have my family and friends to support me. After all, I'm more than a conqueror... I'm an overcomer! =D

I wanna thank each and everyone of you who contributed in locating me last weekend. Thank you very much for your concern, prayers and gifts! I appreciate everything that you've done for my family and I! I'm so sorry if your name wasn't mentioned here as there are just too many ppl to thank. But you know who you are and you'll get your reward in heaven.
God bless y'all!


aNgeLic JuLiA said...
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bridgeT said...

wow......didn't expect u to write so long..=D

anyways, yeah looking back, it was the prayers which sustain every single person who was concern bout u..and esp u. even in our search of finding u, some of us wanted instant answers bout ur whereabouts but i guess God taught everyone a lesson...pray without ceasing..or rather P.U.S.H. pray until something happens.

n i can't help but to be [grateful,thankful...i dunno wat word to use] to those who interceeded for u. when i hear bout their testimonies on the specific things they prayed n soon after that, another good news came n another and another..n then u were FOUND ALIVE! i'm God for prayer warriors!!

n yeah continue to be faithful in Him yah. i know there'll be greater things in store for u in times to come. =) =)

Anonymous said...

glad u were fine~
be happy always

alayna said...

So where the heck was Rogers and what the hell was he doing when you were missing?

michsue said...

julz, i think u better put the baileys in the fridge... =P

bridget, well said... =) i believe God has greater plans for me too...

thanks, anonymous... for your concern... God bless!

hey alayna... i heard that he was just as frantic as my family and friends but i bet he was so helpful just cuz he felt guilty... he was the last person i contacted when i was in the cab... maybe he felt guilty for not replying my msg or calling me back... maybe he thought the incident could have been prevented if he had called me that fateful fri afternoon. since i was discharged from the hospital, he never called nor text me. maybe he feels that he had done his part and now he doesnt hafta care about me anymore. i still love him deeply but im very hurt by his words and actions. i dunno why he doesnt love me anymore but i hope that someday, he'll regret this... cuz i'm sure that no other girl can love him more than i do... *sighs* i miss him... ='(

yinderella said...

I was so worried when i heard u were missing man! Now to know that you are's a BIG BIG BIG RELIEVE! u have no idea how BIG it feels. BAHH.
Anyhow, i like to look at the bright side and it seems brighter than any ordinary Bright. Yes, i seem like i;m not talking any sense now..but..i noticed....

1. You learned so many things and i sense a big change in your personality. from good to BESTEST! YEAY!


3. U are NOT RAPED or MOlesTeD!

4. U stopPEd DrINKinG!!!

Eh, a sip wont do u any harm. A cup also. Just dont over do it. HEhehe.

Very happy for you mich, u moved on and you are truly blessed lah. Appreciate it while u still can, gurl! It's finally great to have u back home, Safely.

Take care yah. Remember, if u see me walking around again..wind the window down ok. ANd scREAMmm...!! Hahaha. let u have fun a bit. Just dont throw eggs on me.

vic vic said...

peter didn't put his baileys in d fridge oso wo..u oni want baileys bout a sip of cranberry vodka?hehe..when wanna have a booze party?after my exams ok?dis time is for real..

michsue said...

tai yin!!! len jin is coming back next week... let's hang out together!!!

michsue said...

walao... booze party... hmmm...

Lord, lead me not into temptation... but deliver me from the evil one...

hehehe... ;P

CsInz said...

HI Michelle I m glad you are alright..when u were missing I..

-read newspaper about ur news everyday..
-curse roger..=X
-post about u missing on my blog..
-tell myfriends about u missing..
-tell my family about u missing..
-tell my sisters to becareful when they
are going out alone..

Anyway..try not going out I know the Malaysia out there is no more a save place


michsue said...

thanks for ur concern, csinz... how did you come to know about what happened?

ShadowFox said...

Looks like chain emails about the taxi driver drugging it's passengers were real even before your case. I've been hearing about such cases months back.

I hope you are able to help the police catch those human traffickers.

We must not let these people get away. There're probably others who were abducted in a similar fashion and were never found.

Cannot imagine the agonies their families must be going through.

These sort of things must be put to stop.

cly said...

dear girl,
So glad that you came out stronger from this ordeal.
Loving and not being loved in return is a vERY VERY painful thing but put it this way... now that you know that you have hundreds of ppl who love and care for you more. Move on dear. Surely there is someone out there worth your love a lot more. Take care.

-another aries ox but 12 years older-

Anonymous said...

I came upon your blog via Yin's friend, A. Never thought you would have made an impact, but wanted to spread the words around on another missing person. I don't usually leave comments on stranger's blog. It feels like an intrusion of privacy.

In the beginning you were just a missing person, like many others missing I've encountered before.

As a kid, I've seen parents gone insane because of their lost child.
I myself have lost my close college friend, she was found but dead and with much more other stories and rumors from my classmates and people around. And I ended up developing a deep hatred towards guys & yes, I punished guys friends of mine and all other guys although it's not (fully) fault of theirs.

What the newspaper published were untrue, because they didn't know her the way I do. I couldn't help whn the police came. I couldn't help when the case was brought to court. I kind of lived my life in regrets because I was the last person she called before she went missing.
But some how based on our M'sian law, the culprit managed to get off the hook after 3-5years of jail. Depending on his good bastard behavior.
Till now, unknowingly I’ve developed hidden hatred towards guys.
Sometimes bash them up for no reasons.
But over the years, I’ve rediscovered myself and also wise lady of wisdom enlighten my mind. I’m a free thinker, used to go for Christian fellowships gatherings but didn’t find a sense of belonging there thus I left.

Little did I know when I read about you.
It slowly has drawn me upon how much faith you have in yourself and God.
How you found solace spiritually, made me re-evaluate myself.
It brought back flood of memories.
And for a very very very long time, after forgetting God and myself.
I thank God truly for this moment.
I thank God for your existent.
Wish you well, Michelle.
May you blossom and bloom stronger.


alayna said...

Despite all the guilt and despair felt by Rogers over your disappearence, he should have called or visited you in the hospital as a friend. Because of this, he has qualified himself to be a big time asshole in my books.

michsue said...

cly, i am moving on... =)

dear anonymous, like many other comments i've received... yours truly touched my heart. it's amazing how God works and how He used this mishap to touch others. thank u for your concern... dun hesitate to come to me if you have questions about Christianity. it's more of a RELATIONSHIP with our Father in heaven than a RELIGION... =)

alayna... erm... he DID visit me in the hospital... the last time i saw him was on tuesday night. BUT he didn't text me nor call me since that night... anywayz, he text my mom just now, saying that he still cares for me as a friend but for the time being, i dun wanna haf anything to do with him. someday, i know i'll be able to forgive him and be friends with him again but not now. i dun need a friend like him.

aNgeLic JuLiA said...

Rogers did visit her in the hospital la.

I'm so touched by the anon above ;(
So happy for you.
Look Sue! You've made an impact in everyone's life! You're an encourager now! Woohoo...

And Vicky ar...ppl say no more drinking you wanna hv booze party summore. Jor slap1 Later she get too excited then how?

Yea Sue, pray that portion of the Lord's prayer...harder! Hahahah

Vicky, after your exams (whc is???) we go out makan la. Den the ahma me will prob bring Baileys in a bottle (500ml) haha den each one can have one sip. K? yay.

I'm not making sense here, am I?

mehhhh said...

^ bleh, there are a lotta nice guys out there... like me ^_^
Not all girls are angels either so don't stereotype la :P

It's a pity that KL has turned into such a nasty place. Meh the cops need to put an end to this, maybe we need to start neighbourhood watch groups or something.

Well at least nobody got hurt and everything has turned out well. :)

God never abandons his children. Take care peeps! :D

bridgeT said...

u seriously edit this post again!!!....why la ..?.ahaha..i love this song!!!!!!!!! we like....ever...gonna perform this song??...hmmMMMmmmmMMmm

CsInz said...

I knew it from angelzparadise.blogspot ..I thought it wasz a prank.. but the next day thge news is on the paper..O.o
so i decided to make a post as a helping hand =)

aNgeLic JuLiA said...

0_0 u read my blog? *flattered* *kembang*

sue i wanna noe ur fren :P haha

Anonymous said...

Start giving thanks to the Lord. I believe through this incident, learn to fear God. That why you will grow in spirit everyday of your life. Forget about Roger. God will sent an angel to you just like He sent my wife to me. Be grateful and praise Him all the time.

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of slow in getting the news, well cos i m no longer in msia anymore, but I was shocked when I saw "a girl missing" news somewhere, so finally, it led me to ur blog. Above all, I thank God you are back safely. Have a great life, forget the past, as God will heal you

yinderella said...

Holy mother of all...em...COWS.

Oi,i just drop a comment this afternoon and i tengok many comments. Len jin monkey never tell me he's coming back. =_= stoopid. I feel so ketinggalan. Probably i'm not supposed to know kot.Okaylah, insya allah if our timing ngam then definitely we'll hang out together-gether. But whatever it more CABBIES yah!!!

and we must bring an electric fly swatter case len jin gatal....*BBbzzZZtTT*


yinderella said...

" At Saturday, August 26, 2006 3:54:37 PM, Anonymous said...

I came upon your blog via Yin's friend, A. Never thought you would have made an impact, but wanted to spread the words around on another missing person. I don't usually leave comments on stranger's blog. It feels like an intrusion of privacy."

If i happen to be the Yin you are talking about, um. Hie. (If i'm not, then hahaha...malu)

Anonymous, You have gone through a lot also hoh? I read ur comment and i realised that everyone's life is so different. Paths after paths...decisions made and strings of unfortunate events suddenly sums up to everything: a great lesson learned, hence a beautiful person inside for being much WISER. Your painful experience is so valuable...don't diss God for it. Instead, accept coz this is what made u who you are today. Better, Stronger and Um...i ran out of words. But yalah. U get what i mean right? HEHEHE. Keep up the good work in believing in God. Take care.

(sorry mich, i just had to post a comment that is not addressed to your blog samo. Wahha..i so thick skin....Appologies! HAhaha.)

cincauhangus said...

Hi there.. although i dont know you, i suppose you're my 2nd degree friend (something like friendster isnt it?)

it's good to hear that you're alright and nothing very serious happened to you..

of course, some advice.. live life as it were before.. life live to the fullest =)

cincauhangus said...

woops.. live life to the fullest. hehe

vic vic said...

julz..i juz wanna make her exicited over it..hehe..u bring 500ml of baileys den i ask peter to bring 600ml of cranberry vodka k? exams til d 16th of sept..2 weeks weh..u want cookies dis time?

Another Fellow Ox said...

Good to see you back safe and sound...

Cheers! :)

laine said...

hey... although u dun know me, but i have heard and read about what happened to you. I am really really glad that you are safe and sound. After reading your entry, I trully admire your strength in dealing with the ordeal. Take care ya... God bless!

Anonymous said...

I first came to know abt u being missing from kennysia's blog. My heart just sank, like when I frist heard of Canny Ong, the stewardess, the 4 poor children who were burned in Malacca, etc. That's why i never fail to always remind my loved ones like my wife, my nieces, my females frens, that they must always and I can never emphasize enuff, ALWAYS stay alert and not be so trusting. That goes for taxi drivers too. I always make myself available to drive them around or at least have them wait until I'm free. Or walk them to where they're going expecially at nights. Still I know I can't always be around. Thats where I always pray that if something should happen, I hope it would be me rather than them. I know I can't bear the anguish if something should happen to my loved ones when even reading your case already made my heart heavy. It was with great joy when I read the news that you came out almost unscathed. Praise be to the Lord. I, too, almost lost my life in a gas explosion and was burned real bad. God gave me a second chance and I am leading an almost normal life now. Like yinderella, I never leave any comments coz I dun feel is necessary. However, I feel that you need to know that I am another human being out of the many that were before me who is rooting for you and wishes you good health and continue trusting in God.

adrian said...

i'm sorry... i was thought u are just another run-away girl that normally happen and attention seeker... i'm so sorry. i should have known first. please forgive me.

maybe u remember me as the comment poster that says lots bout nasty things bout u. i dont know y i did that that day. but after reading ur entry and julia's entry, i realise i had jump to conclusion too early. please again, forgive me. i didnt meant to hurt anybody.

and please, next time, dont travel alone. and this shoule be a lesson to any other girls out there, whenever u take a cab, send an sms to someone cloese to u anything bout the cab..

my name is adrian, and i here by apologize to everybody i offended in past few days.

and curse the culprit, that dick gentinal will dry up, and fall off like durian. or his dick blow off the next time whenever he fucks, and eyes pops out, and corpes eaten by maggots and fuck by stray dogs.

i'm so disgrace bout myself for what i've posted, i dont feel like letting anybody know who am i (u dont wana know me anyway, since i'm piece of farting trash.) please dont take my previous words seriously. please forgive me, michelle. hope u will get well soon, and god bless you.

adrian said...

sorry for the long ass post. hope u dont mind.

aNgeLic JuLiA said...

to vic: i want! i want! i want! *jumps with joy* ---> like hammie of over the hedge.

J said...

Just wanted to say that I'm glad to hear that you are ok now.

(... and you quit smoking too? Fantastic!)

PrisLeow89 said...

i'm pris..csinz's fren..
well..i actually saw his post & prayed for u..
really thank God for answerin prayers!!!
wateva it is..jus continue to place ur trust in JC yah!!

b3nghan said...

Dear Michelle,

Happy to hear that you are safe .. !


michsue said...

bridget, let's perform "We Are The Reason" for Christmas... duet, okie? ^_^

tai yin, it's okie... my friends say i got 10000 inci skin... just ask any of them... hehehe... ;P oh, i got your celly number from priss already!!! ;D we go out the week after next, okie... i'm sure len jin will call me when he's back... he always does... =) well, ALMOST always... hehehe... i miss that sakai...

hey cincauhangus... i think i know who u r... some ppl posted stupid comments on ur blog too, right? my friend, nick went to ur blog and explained what happened on my behalf... =)

adrian, altho the previous comments you posted about me were unpleasant, i forgive u... i dun think u're "a piece of farting trash", okie... we r all equal in God's eyes... He only hates the sins we commit but He doesn't hate us... He loves everyone just the same... isn't God merciful? ^_^ so God bless u, Adrian... thanks for ur concern... =)

thank you, another fellow ox... and laine... and anonymous... and j... and prisleow89... and b3nghan... thanks, y'all... *hugz*

^PuRpLe BuTtErFlY^ said...

hi michelle im so glad to see you blogging again!!And hearing a new song on your blog shows you really are moving fast in your life... =) *hugz* (p/s:this new song is WAY nicer than Now & Forever!!! ;))
but one more thing, how come post my email to Julia on your blog la!! =( paiseh nyer...
I wish the very best for you and trust me, Rogers wasn't your angel from God, because when God sends us an angel, that particular angel of ours will stick to us for enternity...Don't stop looking for your real angel!! Muaxx...


michsue said...

hey amelia! my so-called "fan"! hahaha... ;P kidding... =) yeah, very true... i thought he was my angel... mana tahu, lucifer in disguise... @_@ he thinks he's perfect... maybe he never said it... but he sure behaves as tho he's too good for me... that *beep!* arrgh... he DISGUSTS me now... *pukes* nvm la... there r soooooooooo many other GOOD fishes in the sea... i know quite a lot... but most r taken la... but hey, some r not... ;P i would love to know you better... you seem like an interesting person... =) God bless!

Arinko-chan said...

Yo! Michelle

Good to hear you are fine. Found out on mid Monday afternoon Melbourne time that you were missing from my mom and was praying to God like I have never done before, for your life to be spared and your mind and spirit be safe and protected.

After a few hours, I had this urge to call my mom to see if you have been found, but she had no new news for me ...... so, I would like to know when you were found. I just felt that something happened and I didn't pray so urgently after that.

After I got home from work, I googled for any information about your disapperance and found Jessica's post on one of her friend's blog. Knowing you, you are not one to run away from home no matter how bad the situation got.

Got an SMS from my mom later that evening to say you were found.

I am really encouraged by your testimony and am really glad to see your trust and faith in God has not wavered! I will say this, you will be used by God greatly.

May the Lord bless you, keep you, make His face shine upon you and give you His peace.

Mike said...

Wow.. God seriously protected ya.. thank God for that.. things could have gotten worst but looks like he stopped them from doing anything else than what has been done.. Good testimony!! yeah! anyways.. Glad that you are ok.. i read from the bulletin board in friendster about your dissapearence... so.. just dropping by to see what happened to ya.. anyways.. i'm just a stranger passing through.. God Bless ya and pray that his protection shall be on ya always... :)

Anonymous said...

im js a stranger here too, thanks god u r fine. god blessed!

rich said...

Hey, I came across an email that you were missing and another one not too long ago that you're found and that everything's ok. Although I'm just another stranger, I am really pleased and happy that you're perfectly fine. God must be keeping an eye out for you, eh. And yes, He does work in mysterious ways. This just might be something that brings your family closer and deepen your faith too! Trust in Him always. God Bless!

Julie said...

So glad that you're safe now, michelle. i've been visiting your blog and angelic julia's blog every time i came online just to make sure that you have been found already! My prayers has been answered.

I was deeply touched by your life story. Especially your love story. i know how it feels too when one is not appreciated. Once, a boyfriend of 4 years left me. He claimed that he was bored with me already. I almost gone insane, really. I wanted to give up on life. But people who cared for me reminded me that it was his loss to leave me and i was just too good for him. I was glad that i managed to live my life over that terrible ordeal. Remember, when you think of your past love, you may view it as a failure. But when you find a new love, you view the past as a teacher. Forget about Rogers!! And he need to bloody wake up -_-

Hope to know you in person, mich. You're someone interesting from what i've read through all your posts. And btw, you're beautiful!

You know what, I think we can click together. Reason being because i'm a huge fan of Baileys too! Heee. Take good care michelle!

Many hugs,

jin said...

this is shocking news indeed..
and..damn panjang la your story..
i've gotta read it again when i'm done with my papers on tuesday.
and why does it seem that you and tai yin always kutuk me on friendster or blogs???
*throws bananas at mich*

cincauhangus said...

mich: yeah.. well people didnt know what's really going on that time.. so speculations came up.. but which is true and which are fake, that we gotta rely on you to tell us.. =)

Jin: *blocks lenjin's banana throwing spree with a durian* :P

michsue said...

arinko-chan...? who r u? you sound like you know me well... =P

hello, mike... anonymous... and rich... thanks for dropping by... ^_^

hey ya, julie... thanks for visiting my blog... and for praying for me... =) i never thought my life story would touch any lives but God really does work in mysterious ways and He had definitely used me to touch others... =D all glory goes to God, of coz... i'm just His servant... ;P i hope you've recovered from your heartbreak, gurl! pls... i'm so NOT beautiful... i'm geeky, chubby and ugly... *sniffs* oh, you love baileys too? GRRREAT! vicky, can julie come to our booze party? hehehe...

MARK YEE LEN JIN!!! wow... you never left any comments in my blog before... i'm sooooo touched you FINALLY did! btw, i'm sorry i deleted the not-so-pleasant testimonial you wrote for me on friendster... pls rewrite la, okie... dun merajuk... =P tai yin and i dun mean to kutuk you wan... but it's just that... erm... we both think you're the most sakai-est donkey we know mar... what to do... let's meet up when you're back, okie... i wanna take pics with you wei... we never took any together... =(

cincauhangus! eh, i mean aaron! hehehe... you know len jin??? you're not aaron ngow, r u? just wondering... =P anywayz... len jin usta throw virtual durians at me on MSN... rambutans oso, i think... so sad... =( len jin always bullies me... and tai yin!!! *sobs*

michsue said...

eh sorry... i just remembered that you're aaron HO... paiseh... >.<

She's Jess said...

opppsss... am late here.

Well, your missing classic news really strucked me. like everyone, we all got shocked and we all thought it was because of Roger that you ended up missing.

Your post there made me ponder on something. I used to have someone as precious as Roger to you. Somehow, things don't work out after few yrs and we broke up. The different thing on us is that, I went and committed suicides and I stopped going to church after all the 15 years I've been attending since baby.

Silly I know. I don't know why I ended up with those tricks.

I attempted suicides more than 3 times but am still alive. My family members saved me from all these, I guess it was God who sent the message to them to check on me at the time i almost lose my life.

Life still goes on for me. What to do right?

I turned my back against God. I blamed Him. I stopped attending church. But I still get His blessings in many ways, even I do not glorify all to Him.

Fast forward to now. I got myself a very loving boyfriend, who's a believer in Christ. He doesn't mind me not going to church and all. I guess he leaves all that to God as he is doing his parts like, reminding me abt services, saying grace before meals and prayers!

See, what I am trying to say here is that, I know I am the bitch here to put the blame on God. I lost faith in Him because of my ex. It is ridiculous I know. And even I have turned my back against Him, He sent me a loving and caring boyfriend into my life. This is really a blessing that I know I don't deserved it at all.

I know I can just return back to His arms anytime.

Reading your post made me realized one thing. I really admire you that you did not blame Him but in fact, you give all the glory to Him and the fact that He actually sent His guardian angels to you during your missing days.

I wish you the best in your life. Mich, I am sure He has someone out there for you. Not only that, you have your family, friends, churchmates and others.

God bless you always and sorry for the blur long winded comment.

michsue said...

be thankful for what you have now... and take ur painful past as a lesson to be learnt... like what julie said, "When you think of your past love, you may view it as a failure. But when you find a new love, you view the past as a teacher." go back to God... just trust in Him... He only wants the best for all of us... =D His ways are higher than ours... remember that... ;) keep praying, jess!

Happy4ever said...

Its amazing how God turned a horrific incident into something so beautiful, that touched the lives of many people(including mine). And you were the tool God used to reach out. Priviledge as it is, but painful you had to endure, but in the bigger picture, many more lives are touched, and spirit rekindled.

Through this ordeal, many more people have come to know you (myself too) and the God you worshipped, and the strength you have to overcome your ordeal. I'm truly amazed at yr strength, wit and humour, I truly am. You are a source of inspiration indeed.

Continue to blog for the Lord, and show testimony of your faith and love.

Lastly, what the heck are you doing up so late at this ungodly hour?? :P

michsue said...

hey happy4ever... i'm flattered by what you said... =) how did you come to know about what happened?

Happy4ever said...

partly due to emails, mostly due to Kenny Sia Dot Com, which directed to angelzparadise, and dunno from where else...hehe. You really should thank him...eversince changing his chinese name to a "DotCom", life has never been the same for us. Heck, mine also changed to DotCom! ^_^ (Your's still a blogspot leh)

Now, get back to sleep!...(I will 3 more hrs b4 waking up for work! >_< dang, how I wish today is a sat!)

Dillon said...

Hi Michelle,
I dont really know you but I sympathised with your situation. I called Carrie the day you were found and was glad to hear that you are safe. I want to share something with you so that you'll be able to learn to be the most attractive woman in the future. As a guy, this is the best quality that i see in a woman.

Learn to be strong, Michelle. The most attractive woman in the world is the independent kind. Those are the one in total control of themselves, have steady income and bright career. Guys will find you attractive when they realised you have nothing to depend on them. Do not listen to those guys who tell you they like sexy little bimbo who is 24/7 sticking to their boyfriend. It is not real.

When Rogers turned you down, you shouldnt have act like you couldnt live without him. The more you beg, the more you look like a loser and the more he wont come back to you. He expects you to be like that (begging) and he can only feel good about it and nothing else. Guys will find you not attractive when you are a loser. That's a fact. It applies to girls as well. Nobody likes loser. Instead you should always be calm with situation. Although now it's too late to look back.

In future, when you had a quarrel with your guy, take up the guts to walk off and tell him nicely that u will speak to him again when you both are less emotional, stable and more rational. This shows your maturity and instead of being angry, he will be stunned and impressed.

When you possess those quality that i've mentioned, you'll be a winner. Your guy will respect you and rightly so, love you deeply. Only the ideal Mr Right who is stable, matured and ready for commitment will be able to win you over. Hoped that this helps. I pray to God that you will find happiness in your life. God has changed my life and I'm sure God will have something in place for you. Take care.

Al-mu Syahrisyawal Ahmad said...

Good to know that you're back.

I'm just a stranger helping out. Take care...

vic vic said...

sue...i'm sorry dat i couldn't make it yesterday..i gotta teman my dad wanted to get me my birthday gift too..hehe =p

julie wanna come to our booze party too? prob..hehe.. when n where do u wanna have it 1st? at jas's place? julz place? or maybe my hostel in sg long.. nobody is gonna b around during d holiday..d whole condo will be ours..bluek =p

sue..i agree wif dillon (a guy's piece of mind)..nvr show a guy dat u couldn't live without him..later he'll b so proud n *kembang kembang* pula..hehe..hopefully not all guys r like dat la..but it'll b so sweet if a guy tells a girl dat he couldn't live without her rite? but den again, it's hard to predict how true is dat statement's all about trust..

blur cow said...

wah i din come here few days only and suddenly i see your looong post and dem alot of comments

so sorry couldnt make it to your church yesterday...will make it up to you k... and im supporting your quit-drinking-and-smoking thingie!! no more ciggie and no more alcohol (means no more baileys and vodka and talk about all the cokctails =[ =[ ok ok wont tempt you haha)

and that comment from adrian... are you actually that real adrian who commented those stuff ar? or a split-personality adrian haha either way glad you mend things up

i want your cranberry vodka vic!!! and the baileys fatt mou edy la siao, better give me also ahaha "i'll take care of it, promise"

vic vic said...

hahaha..kow..trying to take advantage of julz's(siao) baileys again la..

vic vic said...

hey..split personality reminds me of yih shin n joshua..haha..

edmund83 said...

Hie Michelle, glad to c u back here again...

Take care n happy always...

(='.'=)v ~CHEERS~
o~(o) (o)

CincauHangus said...

me = taiyin's classmate.. jin = 2nd degree friend like u geh.. know him thru taiyin but nvr actually talked to him.. you = seems like everyone knows u even before this happen.. hehehe.. small world isnt it? anyway, nice knowing u =)

michsue said...

hey dillon... i know you meant well, but pls dun think that every guy thinks the way you do... i appreciate your advice, really... but you dun even know me so dun portray me as some clingy, dependent girl who's desperate for a bf or something... cuz you sure did make me feel that way... =/

you dunno what happened between rogers and i, okie... we've known each other for years and we only started dating this year... we were really happy together until he found out that he might be going to korea to work... and we're talking about YEARS here... and we decided to make the best out of the remaining months until he suddenly said he had lost feelings for me... i was just really puzzled by what he did... i didn't understand how someone who adored me so mush stopped having feelings for me... and he ain't the cruel type... so i gave him space and time to think... and i only blogged about my feelings HERE in my blog... i didnt say those words to him... what makes you think i was begging him to come back...?

i only told him that i still loved him and i believed we were meant to be... and that i was praying for a miracle... i was only trying to fight for my own happiness... but i wasn't being clingy...i text him once in a while to remind him of our good times and that i was thinking about him, that's all... so stop calling ME a loser, bozo... and i always remain calm when issues arise... and i would give him a few days to think...

he was the one who always begged for my forgiveness everytime he made me mad and i would always tell him to gimme some time to think and then i would talk things out with him calmly and i forgave him everytime... we never even yelled at each other... so stop pretending as tho you know it all... you dun even know me...

i did everything i could to save this relatonship and i always ask the Lord for guidance as well as ppl who r happily married such as my cousin Jessie and my bro Kenneth... the reason Rogers stopped having feelings for me was because he was immature... dun put the blame on me, okie... altho u're carrie's friend and i know you meant well... i'm still friggin' pissed at you... i hate it when ppl think they know everything about me... dun ASSUME rogers thinks like you!

michsue said...

hey thank you, Al-mu Syahrisyawal Ahmad... i appreciate your help... =)

hey vicky, it's you know rogers told me that he coudnt afford to lose me? he made me really upset once and i wanted to leave but he begged me to give him another chance... he was the one who said he had found his "missing rib"... he told me that himself... i still dun uderstand why he doesnt want me in his life anymore... he adored me so much... more than i adored him... is it because he's going to korea? *sighs* now im missing him... but i know i need to move on... =(

wah... i dun trust jas with the baileys... lemme keep it la... hehehe... ;P

hahaha!!! yih shin and joshua... that day, joshua oso came to the hospital... with rogers and mavis... you guys saw him, right? but i think ys is cuter than josh la... hehehe...

hmmm... edmund tham... your name is soooo familiar... *ponders* do i know u?

hey aaron... nice knowing you too... =)

sc said...

yo..good to hear you're back.
althought I'm not a christian, but I think GOD really love you and so are your family and friends.
to the one who did this to you, I wish he will get cancer and died in a car accident. *really pissed me off* argh...

Anonymous said...

Dear Michelle,

You don't know me but i've learnt alot bout you through your account of what happened. I admire the way you're handling a potentially traumatic experience. I trust your faith and confidence in God is the reason behind this.

I would also like to add that your testimony will impact a lot of people, especially those who don't know Him the way Christians do. I hope that you'll give great importance to your role as an ambassador of Christ, and keep examining your lifestyle, your thoughts and your words to represent Christ as He is to your friends - pure, sanctified, Godly.


aNgeLic JuLiA said...

joshua looks like ys? i dun thk so...i thk he looks more like my friend. i thk u must b thkg abt yih shin la, dat's y. hehe1

let u keep the baileys? in ur dreams. nobody touches my baileys.

yea, i can predict amelia, ur no.1 fan, will b a bhander soon.

vic vic said...

i'm not saying dat u can't live without him ar..coz i noe u can..coz u've got me ma rite?n all ur bhander frenz n ah ma(s).. haha..i'm juz saying dat v shd nvr show a guy v can't live without him oni..i noe rogers told u he can't live without u b4..n also d missing rib..i was so jealous of u wen u told me bout dat missing rib thingi u noe..sob was soooooo sweeeett..hmmm..

Julie said...

i've recovered already, mich. thank you! i've found someone better now. someone i truly deserve. yours in on the way! just be patient. time will tell. LOL.

you are NOT geeky, chubby and ugly okay! -_- if you are, i'm hideous, heh!

mann, i love booze party! just had it the last weekend. awesome! :P baileys keeps me sane at all times. and malibu too :P but wait, no more ciggie and alco for you i thought? hahahha. i'm still TRYING to get rid of those 2 evil thing btw. it's hard...*sigh.

cheers to you! hugsss.

vic vic said...

amelia will b a bhander too?haha.. i bet amelia dun even noe wats a bhander..hehe..sue..u better dun think of yih shin too much ya.. later dis ah ma kow will slap u.. haha..but i do think dat yih shin is better looking than josh too..

Another Fellow Ox said...

Can most of us reading Michelle's blog stop speculating what happend? Also stop judging Michelle and this Roger dude. For all intent and pruposes, I can understand all comments are meant well... but there are ways to mean well other than criticising and keep bringing up the past. Starting to sound like a broken record.

I think what has happend is a private matter between them. ANd the operating word here is HAS... past tense.

Can all of us agree to just be thankful that Michelle is safe and is bravely starting afresh? Think the critisms should and and just focus on the encouragements.

Jimbo said...

Ah...another proud advertising person is born. Welcome to the industry, a career path that never says die...albeit insane hours of course :o).

Take care Mich and welcome aboard.

michsue said...

thanks, sc... i hope the taxi driver will get what he deserves... such as life imprisonment or something...

hey aj... i appreciate your advice... i really do wanna make things right with God but i'm still really hurt by what rogers did to me... he even said that he and his friends think i'm full of crap after reading my blog about what happened... WOW... of all the nerve... he actually expected me to be nice to him after what he did to me... *sighs* i wonder why i fell in love with a monster like him...

julz... i wasn't thinking about ys la... *blushes* he belongs to jas... i'm just his mistress... and yes, amelia is super duper nice... and i like her!!! she's gonna be the next bhander... but she stays in malacca now... so cant meet up with her often...

hey julie! i really hope my mr. right will appear really soon...

aiyoh... vicky... i dun like ys that way la... =P he's just another bhander... you're all my bhanders mar...

thank you for defending me, another fellow ox... =)

jimbo... which ad agency are you working at? are you a copywriter too?

aNgeLic JuLiA said...

copywriter wannabe hehe1 clap1

JerryWho said...

Hey! good to know you are moving on with your life.

Though I don't know you (nor you do, me), I hope you are able to toss this whole thing behind and start afresh.

michsue said...

thanks, jeremiah... =) i just saw your latest post... you put my pic there! >.< paiseh... =P

JerryWho said...

hahaha... that's the only solo* pic of yours.

Oh... one of these days, please show me your music.

*if you know what i mean.

Ruth said...

Hi there Michelle,
I'm just a stranger who was first notified via Kenny Sia's blog and then later received an e-mail from a church friend. I am very, very glad that you're okay. Take care and God bless,

michsue said...

thanks for your help and concern, ruth... i read your blog... ;)

Jiun Jie said...

Michelle, im glad that u r back safely! i might not know you in person, but i was very worry about u and tried my best to ask around for u when u went missing... i got to know u went missing from Tai Yin, she was asking phone numbers that she could call to get ur whereabouts... anyway, takecare ;)

michsue said...

hey thanks... so you know rogers personally, huh? i read your blog... =/ what's your real name?

edmund83 said...

Edmund sounds familiar to u eh...
actually, we've met b4 in SGC but i dun think u'll know me... I knew 'him' as well... u know who i mean..
i'm from 4th KL. ; )

hope ur fine ya...

Lamdog said...

i dont know u and u dont know me too,but glad that u r ok
God bless u

Anonymous said...

Thanks GOD, you are alright

Shea Speare said...

Oh my Goat!

Thank God you are alive and safe! The world these days are very dangerous. Sick place to be eventually.

God is Mighty and enjoy the life that we have once.

Shea Speare

michsue said...

edmund!!! i just checked u out on friendster... hahaha... and YES, i do rmb u... u're one of the BB boys... i usta see u in church... =) i haf a good memory, okie... i'm sure u rmb me as kenneth and kelvin's lil sis, right?

thanks, lamdog, anonymous and shea speare! i'm glad im alive and well too! it's a miracle, really... most ppl who went missing were never found... or found dead... =(

Wifier said...

Hey Mich.. great that you are safe and moving on. Thanks to Julia for keeping us updated during the ordeal. All the best.

Anonymous said... seems like a battle here..
first off, michelle~ we are all glad that you are safe, back here with us and that you did not suffer any physical trauma..
u say u still love rogers? but don't you think this is a lil unfair for him? it seems to me like everyone here misunderstood the whole story.
to~people out there.. you do not know the story, and you've only heard from one side. what ever happened to the other and justice for Rogie?

yes, i admit, rogers is sometimes an asshole, but girl, he is human ok. this is unfair for him. this ain't right.! badmouthin about someone behind their back?? this ain't christian like at all..tell me about being close to God and how good God is???!!!..tell me about how christians have o so perfect lives??!! i've heard enough about all these..
that is why sometimes i wonder what christianity is all about? it it about potrayin how good and holy and sane your lives (christians) can be and then when they are out partyin and all or when they turn sides, 2 horns would just potrude out of their head?! pisses the shit out of me.

we all have gone thru one or some more unwanted events in our lives, so... its just part of the process of growin up. it is how well an individual can take and accept it. and michelle, i believe u are strong enough to handle many many things comapared to a lot of people i know.

girl, i do still care about you, a lot! but after readin this, i feel disgusted!
i don't know ok. i just can't take it when people start gosspiping and badmouthin about other people.
firstly, they do not even know the story to both sides, they have only heard from one and that is yours. honestly, i do not know what u told them about him but i guess it wasn't a good thing! (of course~)
but it doesn't matter anymore.. what is written , it is written down in this blog and i bet a lot of people read it.. what is said, has been said.

whatever it is, you shouldnt judge and make assumptions about a person even before meeting them.

-sorry micheele, just had to express what i thought.

really disappointed~

take care girl.


Anonymous said...

however, i am glad that you are safe, back here with all of us!
i even prayed for your safe return..believe it, it was me prayin!!! :)

cheers beautiful..


Anonymous said...

hey...i totally agree... Please understand Rogers la...He is a real good guy..and the things u say about him is mean and unfair. What he went tru because of u...u will never understand....and worst of all..talking about him on your blog is not nice at all...What are u trying to prove by proclaiming it to the whole world...let me quote"winner of the jerk and loser of the century"..That's way unkind..Imagine how would ppl feel... How would u feel lah....I am sorry lah..if u are unhappy because he broke up with u... just get on with life... I am sure u are much better than that.. So be strong..

Next time think bfore u post unkind stuff...I know its your blog..but if u read soemthign about urself on other people's are definitely gona hate it..:)..

However, its good u are are worth more than u think u are...:)

Joshua Tan said...

Ahamduillah Syukur Pada Tuhan.
Praise God for His blood have covered you and able to bring your family together.

I don't know you but I have heard of your powerful testimony of God's grace and mercy that allow you to be back.

Ala Bapa Di Syurga, ku ingin berikan segala puji dan sembah kepadaMu krana anda telah melindungi AnakMu michelle. Teruskan untuk dorongi Saudari Michelle sini supaya hati ny a tabah untuk menemui segala cabaran di masa depan. Anda sentiasa berwaspada untuk Michelle sini supay a tiada perasaan takut atau gubra atas semua yang telah berlaku.
Tuhan saya ingin mohon anda akan hantarkan mailaikat mailakat untuk sentiasa melindungi Michelle dan berkatilah seluruh keluarganya.. Biarakan semua yang telah berlaku menjadi satu testimoni dan perkara yang dapat mengkukuhkan iman mereka atas mu

Dalam Nama Yesus yang Dahsyat Kami berdoa

Joshua Tan

michsue said...

thank you for your concern and prayer, joshua... =) how did you come to know bout my predicament...? thru my cousin, nicole...? she goes to ur church too... you're from SIB, right?

reuben said...

I believe i'm a bit lost in christianity now, due to too depression and stress from business and family over the years. but I'm glad to found this blog... at least it reminds me of christian live i used to enjoy; ISCA, fellowship, gathering etc... hope i can get my but back on sunday service hall soon.

anyway... God bless you mich.

ps: noted that you mention Ps Clement in your post, I knew someone named Clement from Grace Assembly Klang and last heard he became Pastor... but that was 10 years ago when I was still in ISCA... are we refering to the same person? big size, very good in playing electronic guitar etc.

michsue said...

hey reuben... God works in mysterious ways... as cliched as it may sound... but it's true... ;D i'm sure u didn't stumble upon this blog by accident... it was part of God's plan... ^_^ God bless u too!

the pastor clement i was referring to is married with kids... and he's serving at a church in ipoh... not sure if its the same person... =)

reuben said...

ya you're right, i didn't stumble upon this blog by accident, i was refered by some forum (after severel clicks just to find more information on your case) not sure what makes me so KPC (busy body) this time but well i finally stop searching and start reading your post after knowing you were found :D maybe it's true that this is part of HIS plan.. hmm

oh i'm sure he should be married by now lol.... i knew he's single 10 years ago when i'm still in secondary school :p

i'll hunt for him later :)

anyway... you're a strong girl... stronger than i thought and even can be considered as strongest girl i knew in my life. that's good.... just remember, nothing worth more than your life, whatever happen around you, as long you're still breathing, there will be a way out.

Bless U Muach Muach

michsue said...

erm... anyway... i doubt that its the same person la... his son is 16 years old... =P

God bless u too, reuben...


Eugene said...

glad ur safe..
ur so brave..and cute ..

and glad prayers were answered too..

when i first got the email i had an incling that this was no joke..

it did not only bring u and ur family closer..

but a lot .. of caring people too.


prepare for the storm that may always be around the corner..

jam said...

Nothing I can say much. Please take everything as a blessing. God is always by our side.

Anonymous said...

glad that u're all right..
haha i'm sorry i got to know about it 2 years after, hey i don't read chinese newspapers..
i was browsing through CsInz's blog..which was dead.. and saw your picture.. almost like everyone.. i tot i was a prank..
but after reading your story.. i'm surprised that you're not rape, and yea.. thank god..
i know after 2 years.. haha anyway take care and live life to the fullest

michsue said...

thanks, eugene and jam... =)

anonymous, u sound like someone i know... do i know u? =) pls reveal urself if u r someone i know...

JeckShEn said...

oh sorry haha, erm.. u guess u wouldn't know me but no harm telling who i am right?

JeckShEn said...

anyway just a friend of CsInz
so.. yea.. now u got my name and my blog add..