Saturday, September 30, 2006

Book Review:

Out Of The Comfort Zone
Grace! Vision! Action

Reading this book could seriously change your attitude!

George Verwer has managed to write a book that is humble and hard-hitting at the same time. He doesn't pull any punches in his heart's cry for a "grace-awakened" approach to mission, and wants to cut through any superficial "spirituality" that may be lurking inside you.

His approach to mission is down-to-earth, honest and thoroughly biblical. After 40 years of experience in mission, George Verwer is still learning and open to change - and he expects no less of you. He shows how many Christians have the feeling that someone else will take care of it and have a vague, detached and unrealistic attitude to what mission is about. This book will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and adjust your view of how missionary work is being done.

George Verwer is known throughout the world as a motivator and mobiliser. Out Of The Comfort Zone should only be read by those who are willing to accept God's grace, catch His vision and respond with action in the world of mission.

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