Saturday, November 4, 2006


These are some wedding pics of my eldest brother, Kenneth and his lovely wife, Li Li. You can click HERE to view more wedding pics of theirs.

They dated for 8 years before tying the knot on November 4th 2002. Then 2 years later, my lil' princess, Eunice was born. I've always looked up to my eldest brother cuz he's a kind and gentle soul who has a big heart. Kenneth is a hopeless romantic; a wonderful husband and father, not to mention a man after God's own heart. That's why I've always wanted to find a guy who has my bro's attributes, cuz only a guy like that would know how to treat his lady right. Perhaps part of the reason why I like Dan is because he reminds me of my brother in many ways... =P


Anonymous said...

It will just be a matter of months if not weeks before you break up with Dan (that is if he accepts you in the first place).

michsue said...

hmmm... another "i-hate-michelle" deviant... u ppl just love to hate me, dun u? hahaha... it's funny how insecure ppl like u just love to put others down to make themselves feel better... i feel so sorry for ppl like u... always do... =( dan will always love me as a friend and as a sis in Christ... so even if we were not meant to be, at least i still haf a great friend like him. i doubt a prick like u haf any friends at all.

btw, wanting to know where i stand in his heart does NOT mean i wanna be in a relationship with him. not NOW at least. he lives in ipoh and he's still studying. i understand that we can't be together NOW. so pls dun think u r ms/mr know-it-all, u doink. everyone who knows me knows that i wanna build up my spiritual muscles 1st b4 embarking on a new relationship with anyone. so buzz off. u r not welcome here. u disgust me to the core and i hope u'll get what u deserve.