Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Holy Trinity: Father, Son & Holy Spirit

How can God be three, yet one?


Holy Trinity reveals one God. The three persons of the Holy Trinity are distinct and separate: yet, they are one (Ephesians 4:4–6). This gives us the mystery of the Godhead — we wonder how this can be? The Christian Church holds the doctrine of the Holy Trinity as one of their oldest beliefs (1 Peter 1:2). As we look at the traditional teachings of the Christian Church and study the Bible, we should grow in our understanding and accept the Holy Trinity by faith (Luke 3:21, 22).

Holy Trinity — One God
The Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit,
three separate Persons, and yet One.
Divine mystery beyond perception.
We look at One — We look at All.
We pray to One — We pray to All.
We love One — We love All.
One love's us — All love us.
FatherSonHoly Spirit — One God.

The mystery of the Holy Trinity separates the Christian Church from other religions. We believe by faith, in the God of the Holy Trinity. The power of the Holy Spirit helps us believe and understand the Holy Trinity.

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