Sunday, November 12, 2006

*People Who Never Fail To Make My Day*

My eldest bro Kenneth, his wife Li Li and daughter Eunice came over for dinner just now. My 2nd elder bro Kelvin couldn't join us for dinner cuz he had a birthday party to go to so it was just the 7 of us. Eunice was being her usual cheeky self and she really made my day. She kept begging me to carry her to see Joe's hamster and she would scream with laughter whenever I brought her closer to the hamster's cage. I adore her so much!!! My heart melts whenever she smiles or laughs... ^_^ She knows how to make funny faces too... hehehe... soooooo cuuuuuute! *pinches cheeks*

These are some of the pics (and a video) that Kenneth showed us just now:

My lil' sweetheart @ Pangkor Island


She has her own toothbrush...


...but she prefers to use my bro's one instead.


Enjoying herself in Sunday School


Eunice Tai: The Unofficial Mascot of Actinium Youth Cell

At 10 ish, Julz and Woon picked me up and then we went SS2 Murni (2nd time this week) to meet up with Jas and YS. I had my fav garlic cheese naan there... =P Vicky and Peter were supposed to join us but they couldn't make it at the last minute. The 5 of us were talking crap as usual and YS was tryina crush my spirit when I told them about my driving test which is scheduled for November 14th (next Tuesday). Evillll!!!Jas told me to slap him but I refrained myself from doing so cuz after all, I had a reputation to keep (I wouldn't wanna be known as Michelle, the Boyfriend Slapper or something). Yih Shin, I'll do it for real next time... surely my chance would come... *rubs both hands in glee* You just wait...

The sweetest couple in Bhander Land: Yih Shin & Jasmine


Heng Woon, the natural born poser?
He looks like he's posing for a watch commercial... =_="


Julia, another natural born poser... =/
Oi... you posing for an aftershave commercial ke? =P


After Yih Shin took these 2 ugly pics of me, I decided to get even...

*** I took this pic of him just to show the world how ugly he is!

Well, alright, he's not exactly ugly (in fact, I always think he's KINDA cute) but he IS ugly on the inside! MEANIE!!!

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