Saturday, November 18, 2006

Booze PartyDinner @ All Star Sports Café

YESHHH... we were supposed to have a booze party last night but because Peter, Sacha, Keith, Julz, Bin and Pui Yin couldn't make it and some of them had other plans, we decided to postpone it to another day. God knows when that day will come... =/

So the rest of the bhander gang: Jas, YS, Vic, Li Foong and I went to All Star Sports Café for dinner instead.

All Star Sports Café @ MidValley Megamall


These 2 lovebirds are celebrating Yih Shin's 22nd birthday today


Vic, Me & Li Foong


Yih Shin and I ordered the same thing: Hawaiian Burger
It was absolutely scrumptious!


Vic ordered a lamb sandwich... which was only mediocre... =/


This is what Li Foong ordered: Beef Lasagna


What Jas ordered was rather peculiar, which was John Dory fillet Dory from Finding Nemo... *makes a disgusted face*

I didn't wanna taste it at 1st cuz I couldn't bring myself to eat poor Dory but when Jas put a gun to my head and forced me to eat it, I had no choice but to do so. And boy, did it taste BLUE... @_@

Me: What caused you to be so inhuman, Jas? *whimpers*
Jas: Oh puh-leeze... *rolls eyes* No comment!

Author's Note:

Jas is well-known to be repulsive beyond belief so eating Nemo's good friend was nothing compared to other stuff she did.


I like the beer glass...
It would have been a great shot if it wasn't for Jas' hand... ish... =(


Black Russian: Kahlua + Vodka
I should have ordered White Russian instead cuz it has light cream in it... =/


Li Foong ordered Slippery Nipple

She ordered it cuz she thought the waitress was gonna lift up her shirt and show her the "real thang"... =_=" Tsk tsk tsk...

My poor innocent mind has been corrupted by these bhanders... *sobs*


blur cow said...

ahhahaha you modified my dory!! poor thang if that was how my dish looked like i wouldnt eat it... i will ask the chef "bakar lebih!"

michsue said...

ah... u finally noticed! spent quite a while airbrushing the pic, ya know... hahaha!!! now the whole world knows u ate Dory... they r gonna make a movie out of it soon called Finding Dory: The Cruel Death of the Lovable Blue Fish