Saturday, November 25, 2006

*Hillsong United @ SIB KL*

As you all know by now, the Hillsong United worship team performed led in worship at SIB KL last night! More than 3,000 young ppl turned up and I was there with my 2nd elder bro Kelvin, and the Christ Clan members: Daniel Wong (the cell leader), his wife Jessie (my cousin), Keith and Sue Ann (also my cousins), Bridget, Benedict, Brandon Lau, Brendon Khoo, Nicholas Lau, Joel Wong (Daniel's bro), Joycelyn (Joel's gf), Siew Ling, Chun Hau, Wing Fai, Alynna, and Alyssa.

I nearly couldn't make it to the concert as I had migraine since Thursday night but praise God, by His stripes I was healed when evening came! ^_^

Joel Houston and the United team, from Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia were very inspiring and they led the whole audience congregation into the presence of God thru praise and worship songs like "Take It All", "One Way", "Forever", "Look To You", "Salvation Is Here", "Shout Unto God", "Till I See You", "There Is Nothing Like", "From The Inside Out", and many more! Michelle Fragar has an angelic voice, btw... her voice has a clear, rich texture that goes from big and passionate to soft and subtle... I was so moved when she sang "Forever".

At one point, Pastor Chrishan Jeyaratnam, who facilitates the young adults community at Hillsong Hills, Australia went onstage and encouraged us to focus our minds on God and not on the United Live band as they didn't come all the way to Malaysia to PERFORM but to LEAD us in worship. Even before I went there, I had told myself the same thing: to WORSHIP, not to merely SEE a concert.

I got a lil' agitated when I saw some of the girls there were wearing skimpy clothes as tho they were in a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert or something... ISH... =_=" When you go to a worship concert, regardless of whether it's a United Live concert or not, you should know that you're meeting with the King of kings and the Lord of lords. You wouldn't wear like that to meet our Prime Minister or Agong, would you? Then you certainly shouldn't wear like that to meet our God Most High! Pls have some respect, girls... =/ You dun need to wear anything formal to a worship concert, of coz... just cover up your cleavage, belly and thighs for goodness' sake! >.<

*regains composure*

When Pastor Chrishan talked about Revelation 3:20, it really struck me:

"Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me."

It's interesting that Jesus said "dine with him" instead of "make him worship Me" or "make him abide by My rules" or anything like that. You see, He used the word "dine". Usually you get to know someone over a meal, right? What the Lord meant was for us to know Him and have a close relationship with Him. He wants us to love Him with all our heart, mind, soul and strength because we're His children. God doesn't live in temples or churches; He lives in us thru the Holy Spirit! ^_^

After 2 hours of nonstop praise and worship, we still couldn't get enough of praising God so we shouted for an éncore!!! =D So the United team led us in songs like "King Of Majesty", "Tell The World That", "All Day" and a few others. After the 1st two songs, the lights were switched on and everybody thought the concert was over but when one of the worship leaders said, "They switched on the lights... but we're not done yet...", we cheered and hooted in a wild frenzy!!! My adrenaline was pumping real high!!! We were so high on Jesus!!! WOOHOO!!!

After the concert, as ppl were mingling around, I met up with Kelvin Lim (whom I hadn't seen in ages), Andy Yeoh, and Len Jin.

For some strange reason, my so-called friends were making snide remarks when I asked if they had seen Andy. The reason I was looking for him was because he kept calling me on my celly but I couldn't hear what he was saying so I had to look for him through seas of ppl.

Earlier yesterday, he told me to meet up with him after the concert cuz he wanted to pass me some camp forms. But my so-called friends were making fun of me as tho I wanted to flirt with Andy or something! Sheesh... just because Andy is the lead singer of Altered Frequency, they assumed I wanted to get his autograph or something... *slaps forehead*

C'mon, I knew him when he was just a 22-year-old fresh graduate (in 2001) and AF was virtually unknown. I remember going to AF's 1st underground gig in mid 2001 at Soul Café with Priss and my cousin Aaron. Well, there WAS a lil' somethin'-somethin' between Andy and I but it was a looooooong time ago. I dun wanna go there tho... =X He's attached anyway... *shrugs* We're just friends now, okie. So yeah, I was so incredibly disappointed with their attitude... *sighs* They were complaining a lot too... about some other stuff... =/

Allow me to sidetrack a bit here. I totally detest people who are vulgar in their speech or their habits. Why do I keep seeing these people in Christian events? Oh, I'm not referring to my church friends... =P I'm talking about ppl like that in general cuz I happened to overhear some ppl engaging in foulmouthed conversations thrusting only crudeness in every direction. I strongly believe that if you're gonna profess to be a Christian, you should live like one... be a living testimony... dun be a hypocrite! Some of them made me wonder why they even bothered to be there if they didn't go with a heart of worship. Many other friends of mine wanted to go but tickets were all sold out by the time they wanted to get them... *sighs*


I met Agnel (the drummer of AF) briefly and he seemed apologetic for not being able to visit me when I was hospitalized in August but I assured him that it was alright... =) Oh, I bumped into Stephanie (Samantha's sis) too! Good to see ya, gurl! =D

I called Leonard Chua just before I left the place but he had to rush off with his bro Baldwin, and June Lau... so I didn't get to meet them... =/ Hopefully, the 3 of them plus Kelvin Lim and I can go yumcha one of these days! There's a lotta catching up to do with these fellow Youth Alive forumers I've known for so many years...

When I saw Len Jin (yes, the rambutan head), he was standing
behind a locked glass door. He waved at me with a sinister grin so I waved back as I walked toward him. When I tried opening the locked door, he laughed and I felt like a fool... -_- I should have known he was up to something when I saw that grin on his face!!! So I playfully whacked him on the arm like there was no tomorrow cuz he made me embarrass myself in front of so many ppl... Arrggghhhh!!! >.<

*throws bananas, rambutans, durians and rotten strawberries at Len Jin like a mad woman*

After we left the place, the Christ Clan plus my bro and I went to Ming Tien to have supper. I was still a lil' mad at some of them but when God rebuked me and said, "Why do you take offense to something that wasn't even true? Even if it was meant to hurt, but was not true, then you're giving the other person the power to hurt you", I decided to let the grudge go... @_@

All in all, I had a great night and I wish Dan, Josh, Wendy, and Deva were there!!! I hope some of them can make it to the Planet Shakers night rallies in December!!! CLICK HERE to find out more about the Planet Shakers event.

Btw, Syen, I'm glad you enjoyed the United Live concert at Suntec City, Singapore just now! ;D See ya next month!!!

P.S. - Photography, video-recording, and audio-recording were prohibited DURING the concert cuz the concert was recorded on video by professional cameramen and will be released in DVDs soon... =D

I did bring my camera there but I didn't take any pics... =(


I managed to "steal" some pics from a stranger's blog and here they are:

SIB KL (It's a church, btw)


Like I said before, I actually found all these pics at a stranger's blog but guess who was caught on camera, along with Justin Wong (the guy in the dark blue T-shirt)? Mark Yee Len Jin! @_@


Altho this pic wasn't taken by me, I was standing near the person who took this pic (near the stage)!

*These pics were taken BEFORE and AFTER the concert.

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