Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Sky Bar

The Sky Bar is a rooftop pavilion with expansive views of Kuala Lumpur.

5 p.m. to 1 a.m.
Sunday to Thursday
(until 3 a.m. on weekends and before a public holiday)

Level 33
Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Dress Code:
Smart casual


More pics of the Sky Bar (courtesy of Natassia)

I wish someone special would take me there someday... =/


Purple Butterfly said...

Hi there've been ahwhile since I left any comments here...Anyways, Skybar isn't that great afterall...Cuz the place was so hot n stuffy...And piece of advise, if you wana go, be there early to get a nice spots (esp u're going in a big gang, cuz they dun allow reservations)..u might not favour waiting at the line outisde for hours, or even be placed at a cacated spot...But if were to compare with Luna Bar, I personally find Luna has a much mesmerizing view...However, Fri & Sat Luna's cover is RM50...The food and drinks are rather pricey though...;) Just my personal thoughts, nothing offensive!!

michsue said...

hey amelia! thanks for da tip... ;) i've never been to luna b4... somebody pls take me there... *sobs*

Cmate said...

Can you please write an review for this bar and submite to CRAVE i-mag? Save me the job! Haha!

michsue said...

hmmm... i dun mind... if someone can take me there la... and pay da bill oso... kekeke... gina, lets go together la one of these days... with kiyo and akira... =D i miss u guys!!!

Leonard said...

Hey.. I went SkyBar u can check out the Video on my blog..

Someday we'll go there k? hehehe But hope u dont mind..coz im nt special enuf..lolz

shiro said...

hor...u ajak them not me...angry...u bring a laptop go than webcam v can dine at sky sure cun!!! muakzz....miss u guys...

InfiniteReveries said...

from what i've heard, sky bar is overrated. Luna bar > Sky bar. except for the cover charge thing of course :P

aNgeLic JuLiA said...

i've been there i've been there!! but that nite was hot la. but nevertheless quite a nice place to chill.

michsue said...

hahahaha... leo, r u sure u wanna take me ar? u r just a kiddo... ;P and i'm a MATURE woman... kekeke... (private joke, ppl)

angeline!!! *muaks!* i miss u, darling... ='( faster come back ler... kiyo, gina and i r so lost without u... *sobs* faster come back and become my yee sou... my bro wants to marry u la... hahahaha... (another private joke)

woon, i've never been to either one la. i wanna go to both places... =)

yerrr... julz... how come u didnt ask me to come along wan? =( eh, this weekend... booze partayyy!!! malacca and pd!!! WOOHOO!!! too bad jeff cant make it... =P

jam said...

Look like a nice place to hang around! Will be there the next time I am in KL!

michsue said...

oh? where do u hail from, jam? =)