Friday, October 5, 2007

5 Things (Tagged by Trinity)

5 Things In My Handbag
(My fav handbag: Victoria's Secret)

1) Kipling wallet
2) Silkygirl Eyeliner
3) Silkygirl Loose Powder
4) Maybelline Concealer
5) MAC Blusher

5 Things In My Wallet

1) Identity card
2) Cash
3) Driver's license
4) Gift cards given by special people
5) Business cards

5 Favorite Things In My Bedroom

1) Flower-shaped cushion (given by Siew Chuan and his wife, Peggy)
2) Books
3) Accessories
4) Mags
5) My Davidoff and Victoria's Secret perfumes

5 Things I Would Like To Do

1) Travel to Paris, Rome, Hong Kong, New York & Tokyo
2) Fall in love... *blushes*
3) Make the people around me feel loved and appreciated at all times
4) Record my own album
5) Make a difference in the world

5 Things I'm Currently Doing

1) Listening to love songs
2) Waiting for Cal to reply my SMS
3) Reading my own blog
4) Waiting for Vince Teh (my roomie/classmate from Tg. Rambutan High) to come online
5) Craving for McD's fries

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