Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Totally You

(This song sprung to my mind as I was preparing the worship song list for Palm Sunday.)

Last Sunday at ACTS Church, I chatted with Rachel Ann after the evening service while waiting for my ride home (JayDee). We were talking about the T-shirts that were on sale (they're still selling the Christmas @ The Park T-shirts which I bought one of years ago!) and then we got into talking about the people I met at the Praise Factory way back in 2003, such as Christopher Chew, David Eng, etc. As I was trying to recall their faces, my mind suddenly travelled back in time and I could still remember the day I bought 'Totally You', the first album produced by ACTS Church. (By the way, I just bought 'The Actsperiment 2.0' and '3.0'! Awesome stuff!)

Anyway, on the day I bought 'Totally You', my youth group and I were chatting with Pastor Kenneth Chin and Pastor Sandra (his wife) at the AYA office or something, and then I bought the album there. Then we adjourned to the Praise Factory and I remember Pastor Kenneth and Pastor Sandra shared with us how they met and then they sang 'Unforgettable' together... so sweet! And then Alex Tan (now known as Pastor Alex) sang one of the most honest and beautiful love songs ever written entitled 'Totally You':

I'm overwhelmed when silence speaks
I'm overcome by waves of love
I'm running away to the presence of You
I'm holding back not this wandering heart

Sanctify this life to live for You
Purify this heart to give to You

Unrestrained worship, total surrender
Unreserved passion, total devotion
Undeserved mercy, poured out upon me
Ever faithful Friend
Totally You

Totally subdued by Your whispers, Lord
Totally amazed by Your blessings, Lord


Riniki said...

Wow, I was just thinking about this song, but I could only remember one line fo the chorus, so I decided to Google search the lyrics, and stumbled upon your blog. If I thought one line of it was powerful, the rest of it would surely knock me off my chair! Ps Sandra sang this song at SIBKL during our E06 conference (she used to lead SIB's youth group, NewSong (now known as NarrowStreet)), and that line stuck with me for years! It's been almost a decade since.

Is there any chance that you have the mp3 of this song? Thought I would try my luck... Thanks!


michsue said...

Hi Denise!

Unfortunately, I've lost the CD so I don't have the mp3 of this song. However, you could ask the original writer/singer yourself on Facebook. His name is Alex Tan Eng Wai (www.facebook.com/alex.t.wai.9) and he's currently a member of DUMC.

God bless! :)