Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The fake Indian is my brown twin brother from another mother

My best friend Julz has this "close, personal friend" named Ryan and he looks like an Indian... but he's not. He's a lil' bit more exotic than that... =P He's a quarter Portuguese, a quarter Chinese, a quarter French and a quarter British. But I call him "macha" because he looks like an Indian! He doesn't speak Tamil (and neither do I) but most Malaysians know what that word means. ("Macha" means "brother-in-law"). I call him my "twin brother" because we're so in sync at times; we say the same things, we crack similar lame jokes, and we both like to verbally abuse Julz (as well as each other).

Anyway, I saw Ryan's IC photo last night (yeah, he has a Malaysian IC although he didn't even grow up here) and I laughed the moment I saw it because he looked more like an Indian in the photo than in person!

At ACTS Church, after the '2015: Battle of the Sexes' event

*squints at photo*
You remind me of some actor...

Some friends have said that I resemble the dude from Transformers... what's his name...

Shia LaBeouf? I LOVE SHIA! He's so cute!

Well, hello there...

Nah, I don't think you resemble Shia... he's cute!


Wait, you look like some Bollywood actor!

Ryan walks away in a playful huff as Julz drags me to see JayDee, who then gives me a birthday surprise! *

This morning, on my way to MidValley, I was listening to Hitz.FM and then one of my favourite songs came on (right after Ryan read the traffic report). It was 'Down' (by Jay Sean featuring Lil' Wayne) and I J'ADORE,
J'ADORE, J'ADORE the music video because Jay looks like a Hawty McHottie in it! Then it dawned on me that Ryan actually reminded me of Jay Sean, not some Bollywood actor!

Are you happy now, you phool? =P

By the way, I think Ryan did a great job on the Mountain Dew radio commercial. Don't you guys think so? "Do the Dew!"

Thanks again for the uber sweet birthday message, bro! You and Julz are the sweetest!

See ya guys tomorrow night at the Grand Launch of MILK @ Bangsar Avenue!

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