Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Is "epic" the new "awesome"? Really?

I had an epic Sunday! (sounds weird)

I had an awesome Sunday! (sounds almost corny)

I had an awesomely epic Sunday! (overstated, huh?)

Aaaanywayz, you get my drift... ^_^

Lemme break it down fer ya:

- Right before the morning service at SLS,
together with my church elders and the pastoral team, I prayed for my ChristClan youths, especially for my second-tier leaders, to take ownership of the cell group (irregardless of whether or not God calls me to serve at ACTS Church) so that I can eventually step down as the youth leader and move on to or focus on other ministries.

- My music team and I led yet another anointed worship at the morning service... all glory to God! He definitely stirred up our hearts throughout the entire service too, with brother Allan sharing on the street ministry at Chinatown and all.

At our ChristClan meeting (our weekly cell meeting is held right after the morning service), I knew God was moving when I saw how two of my leaders really took ownership of the cell. Especially Keith, who led us in Word. He shared on 'Suffering'... powerful stuff!

- I had lunch with one of my leaders Brendon (aka BK) and one of my younger youths Brandon. BK had to leave early for kitchen duties (he's an assistant chef trainee) so Brandon and I got to talking. I managed to open him up and he shared about his family, love life, friends, views on religious issues, etc. with me for the first time ever... and I was more than happy to be able
to lend him a listening ear, give him sisterly advice, and pray for him.

- I went to ACTS for the evening service and I sat with Judy. She's a new friend I made at HOMES a couple of weeks ago and I think she's such a remarkable individual! =) I also thank God for my unofficial HOMES leader Rachel Ann for she has been praying for me and been there for me as a friend, as a sister in Christ. And then there are people like Rosalind (my unofficial mentor), Enoch (childhood friend who's now attending ACTS), Alex (JayDee's godson's dad), Jill, Ellie, Jade, Michelle Ng, Daisy, Alwyn, Joel, Joan, and my
fellow HOMES members Coring, Julian, Euodia, Nicky, Alvin and Phaik Wah who have been such real sweethearts to me. These people are totally awesome pawesome!

- By the way, I signed up for ACTS Young Working Adults: LIFE RETREAT 2010 - Perfect 10! (Thanks, Daisy, for your help!) And I'll be going in Len Jin's car! Yay! I'm gonna enjoy annoying him throughout the entire ride to Malacca! ^_^

- Whoops... I was ranting a lil' about Len Jin (one of my BFFs) to Julz, Ryan and JayDee after service but I wasn't exactly "worked up" or anything. I was merely WONDERING why he never did mention to me about signing up for camp and attending services at ACTS despite knowing full well that I'm a regular there now. I just thought that was... odd, that's all.

- So I listened to JayDee's advice and called Len Jin when I was in Ryan's car and he sounded exactly like he had always been to me: mean and playful... =P He's one person I can never be mad at or get annoyed with for real, actually. We've known each other for 10 years now and he was sweet to me the first four years... and then we started to have this love-hate thing going on. Kinda like fraternal twins... *shrugs*

- After JayDee left for his band practice, Julz, Ryan and I went to have Penang food for dinner
and we laughed more than we ate, as usual. Ryan is such a comedian, Julz always has her blonde moments, and I'm as lame and cynical as one can be, so together, we're like a pack of hyenas wherever we go! ;P

- After dinner, I went to meet my other BFFs Colin and Joshua (and their girlfriends) for yumcha at Seri Petaling and we planned to watch Iron Man 2 together next week! We also planned to go on a trip together soon... WOOHOO! Wait, I'll be watching a movie with two couples next week... hmmm... I must bring someone with me! Whom to bring? I gotta bring someone who will be able to handle Colin's
lameness and Joshua's quirkiness. I would bring JayDee but I know he won't be free. Okay, I'll bring Len Jin.

Iron Man 2!!! Yayyy!!!

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