Monday, May 17, 2010

Another well-spent Sunday!

Rev. Tan Jin Huat gave us a very good wake-up call yesterday through his challenging sermon. "The best way (for SLS members) to grow higher and deeper in our faith is to witness!" Then he gave us a clearer picture of the roles of the Fivefold Ministry in the church and what SLS is seriously lacking in. I have a Certificate in Evangelism from Evangelism Explosion but I haven't been evangelising as often as I should... *hangs head in shame*

After the service, I had lunch with my younger brother Joe, his girlfriend Felicia, Brendon Khoo (BK), Brandon Lau, Benedict and my cousin Keith at Ninja Joe @ Tropicana City Mall (the building next to our church). We had a good time of fellowship and as usual, I got made fun of because I was the oldest among them... -_- No respect for your cell leader! Ish! ;P

After lunch, we had our ChristClan youth cell meeting and when it was my time to share the Word, I shared on the subject of 'Witnessing' (which I prepared DAYS before, so it was definitely the work of the Spirit since it complemented the sermon) and we had a great time of sharing, learning and praying together!

"Each one, reach one!"

Remember to prepare your personal testimonies, guys! =)

After sending BK home after cell meeting (with Brandon as my navigator), I was too zonked out to go anywhere else (not that Kota Damansara was far from my church; I just didn't get enough sleep the night before). So I went back to my church and took a nap on the couch in the nursing corner till dinnertime... =P My dad, Joe and Felicia also stuck around at church while waiting for my mom to finish her work at the church office (yesterday was a working day for her; she's the church administrator and a pastoral team member.)

At 7ish, we adjourned to The Empire Shopping Gallery @ Subang Jaya to meet up with my eldest brother Kenneth, his wife Li Li, their two daughters Eunice and Lois and my second elder brother Kelvin. Angeline (Kelvin's significant other) couldn't make it because she was unwell... =/ I wonder when I can bring MY significant other to meet my family... hmmm...


We had a wonderful dinner at Italiannies and the ambience was great (it looked different from other Italiannies outlets we had been to before) because we had our dinner at the 'Godfather Table', a special long table with lit candles and under a beautiful chandelier. It was very Italian! ♥

After dinner, Kenneth took us upstairs to the Fitness First Platinum (to be launched today) and showed us around (he's one of the regional managers of Fitness First). It turned out that my parents were keen to sign up for gym memberships but Joe, Kelvin and I were not so keen UNLESS Kenneth could get us free passes... =P (That was what I said anyway.)

Okay, I'll go jogging at Gasing Hill or at the Bukit Jalil Park once I've bought my jogging shoes! (I know JayDee got tired of hearing this but I WILL buy them! You just wait!)

When I got home last night, I fell asleep within minutes, content with another well-spent Sunday... ^_^

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