Thursday, September 9, 2010

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We're only five months old and already one of our songs 'Alien Love' was recently nominated as Best Instrumental at the 2nd Voice Independent Music Awards (VIMA) 2010! What's more, we were shortlisted to perform at the PLATFORM FOR INDIE BANDS @ ROCK UNITE INDIE SPIRIT, 7TH JB ARTS FESTIVAL on 17 July 2010! (CLICK HERE for pictures.)

Although we're a newly formed band, we have a total of five years accumulative experience in music and performing. Currently, we have five original songs (with vocals):
'Song From A Broken Heart', 'Comet', 'Build The Bridge', 'Red Rose Bouquet' and 'Stranger'.

We've uploaded some of our own instrumental tracks to our fan page and our MySpace for you to have a listen to. We're in the midst of recording our original songs (with vocals, of course) as well as some cover songs, so that means we'll upload our demo tracks soon!

Support our local music scene by supporting us!

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