Tuesday, February 8, 2011

via Andy Yeoh

Okay, now I'm really ticked off! At 3:22 of the video, you'll hear her claim that "berdisko, kelakuan maksiat and berkhalwat" are Christian traditions on Valentine's Day! We've been tolerant and gracious for so long even though you demolish our churches, persecute us, etc. but enough is enough! I'm so outraged!!!

I don't know why I'm still surprised. I guess I never knew there was THIS level of low... until now. Since when Valentine's Day is a Christian celebration??? How do statements like these on TV reflect One Malaysia, huh?! These "religious leaders" are imbecilic nincompoops!!!

Like what Anas Zubedy once told me, "Stupidity and bigotry come in all colours and creeds." No one talks about my God, my church, my people, my beliefs and my faith that way and expects to get away with it. NO ONE.

Get your facts right, Ustazah! It's not a "holy day" for us Christians! It's not a day that Christians actually celebrate in church. It ain't a Christian celebration per se hence I think we need to correct that impression. That Ustazah in the video says that V-Day is a day where Christians go to night clubs, engage in sexual misconduct and fornication hence Muslims are banned from celebrating this "sinful, traditional Christian celebration". C'mon!

It's good to advise our younger generation to live in purity. But putting down Christians and accusing us of things that ain't true is just disappointing. She says, "anak-anak, kena buat kajian sejarah" but her kajian (research) is not even done correctly. Why should anyone listen to her then?

(The Price of Malaysia's Racism - http://on.wsj.com/dX1t52)

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