Saturday, March 5, 2011

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We The Experibels will be shooting three music videos (Beautiful Mess, Red Rose Bouquet and Build The Bridge) tomorrow at Desa Sri Hartamas, courtesy of MS Post Production and Rock Unite. The music videos are sponsored by RTM Radio for their RTM Muzik Aktif show (Channel 180) on Astro! Honestly, I'm more nervous than excited... we'll be shooting against a green screen and all! o_O

March 6 at 11:05pm:
I just got home! It was dead tiring, to be honest. It was a 9-hour outdoor shoot... but we had a blast! It was fun having the production crew with us (there were about 15 of them, I think) going to various locations to shoot, and having people assisting us, doing and fixing our hair and makeup, changing our outfits in a portable changing room... we felt like rockstars! Actually, we kinda are now... haha! It was so awesome to have onlookers taking videos and photos of us on locations, man! After the shoot, we were interviewed and it's gonna be aired on Channel 180 on Astro soon. I can't wait to watch our videos on Astro! ^_^

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