Monday, August 18, 2014

I'm back!

Hi everyone!

After being M.I.A. for years... I'm back! ^_^

I was browsing through my old blog posts and I couldn't help but cringe... @_@ It's because that "little girl" who wrote those blog posts from 2005 till 2011 is gone. 

I think I have matured an awful lot in the past three years. My priorities have changed since three years ago and I've learnt to handle my emotions better than before. That "little girl" will always be a part of my history, but she's not a part of me anymore... :) Reading my old blog posts felt like I was reading someone else's blog; a teenager's blog. It's weird.

Anyway, if you just got acquainted with me, please DO NOT read my old blog posts. If curiosity got the better of you, please do bear in mind that I'm a different person now... aight? -_-"

I just started a new blog. Check it out:

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