Saturday, March 18, 2006

Hot & Happening: ALTERED FREQUENCY (The Interview with MYC Magazine)

MYC! Magazine (MYC)
Altered Frequency (AF)

MYC: Your album "Exalt" is already out in the stores. How has the response been so far?

AF: We don't know the actual sales figures but we estimate that we've sold about 3,000 plus copies of our album. Haven't seen pirated copy of our CD... but we've seen our songs available for download in Kazaa!


MYC: Are you guys working, or is the band your full-time job?

AF: It's very hard to work full-time in Malaysia because the music industry doesn't provide enough support, so we "moonlight" as various people in the daytime! The job is there to sustain us, while the music is a very, very big passion. We keep Sundays free for family and relaxation, practise twice a week, and try to fit in movies/some form of social life during the other days.


MYC: Which track is most meaningful to you?

AF: It's hard to pinpoint one song that is most meaningful to us, but Andy's personal favorite is "Running Back To You". The song talks about how people can have beliefs that they can walk away from God due to a bad relationship, but the truth is that the belief was what that person was really meant to be.


MYC: What was your reaction when you found out that the band was nominated for AIM 2005?

AF: It's a sign for us that people out there appreciate good music and support artistes who just want to put good music out. Our message talks about hope, about life, about things that are positive. So no matter what background you come from, these are all core values that people always look for.


MYC: How do you feel about Altered Frequency's involvement with Battle Of The Bands 2005? (Andy will be one of the panel judges)

AF: Most of our gigs are attended by young people. We always think: How can we make the life of someone better? Can they get something they can go home with? We feel really, really good when we get people writing to us and saying "Thank you for playing that song. I came feeling sad but I went home thinking life isn't so bad after all." We do it because we're also young people!


MYC: Tell us something we don't know!

AF: Daniel loves to cook! His famous dish is "sotong sumbat" - a personal, secret creation. David is a big Star Wars fan, what with all the Darth Vader and light sabre toys he has. Oh... Agnel and Daniel have bungee-jumped before, and plan to do skydiving the next time! Andy eats pork prepared only in certain ways, like Bak Kut Teh and the famous Klang pork chop rice.


MYC: Any future plans?

AF: We're working on our 2nd album now. We're playing in Singapore during the Sonic Fest (28th-30th July @ Fort Canning), and there have been a few unofficial invitation to Australia. It'll be good to see other places and share our music with other people. One day, when we do retire, we want to look back and say, "Wow, we did this. We managed to achieve this." and not
have any regrets.


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