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In MiLLa's 2nd album (which is due to be released sometime next year), one of the songs in it is Rogers' own composition... =D He 1st played it to me a few months ago... before we were officially a couple... ahh... how romantic! ^_^ My heart melts whenever he plays that song in jam sessions... *sighs dreamily* I even requested he play that song at my funeral someday... =') Hahaha...

Anywayz, the band MiLLa was formed in late 2003, with singer/songwriter Han Sunjoong, formerly of a grunge band named Phragyle, and the remaining members (Rogers, Jonathan Quavador Hee Kai Choong aka KC, & Calvin Lim) of Broke or Nothing, a punk line-up without a vocalist. As soon as the band MiLLa (having a female name for a grunge band was Sunjoong's fetish) was formed, the members wasted no time in hurrying to the studio to record their debut EP. The result is the 'Of the Worms EP', in which they wrote and recorded in a period of just one month. The EP helped bring the band to discover its own identity as well as bring the members closer together.

Never satisfied and believing they had more to prove, the band went to the studio again to record their second EP in just half a year after their first release. The second EP had little more time invested (2 months) this time around, and by September 2004, '...dollhouse EP' was released. Sunjoong, the singer/songwriter of the band, with his penchant for grunge, lead guitarist KC's love for metal, bassist Rogers' solid bass support, and drummer Calvin's powerhouse drumming makes MiLLa's songs a unique experience; adding additional spices to the grunge-y songs. The current drummer of MiLLa is Lee Chiaw Yaw (CY).

MiLLa has an activity cycle due to Sunjoong studying abroad in Korea, and the band is very active every three months for three months in a year, and dormant for each three months interval in between. MiLLa has performed in various gigs and organizations, and is currently promoting their music both in Malaysia as well as Korea. The band was signed to @19 Records early this year, and will release their debut album "Upon Teresa On The Dot" soon. Lookout for their first single, 'Fascia' on the airwaves.

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MiLLa's debut album will be launched soon...


For more info, e-mail MiLLa at:

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Two songs from MiLLa's debut
LP "Upon Teresa on the Dot", 'Fetus'
and 'Fascia' are available for a listen at
http://millaband.tripod.com in the
download section.

The two songs were recorded at
Sonique Productions and Studio @19 in
Feb 2005 and were mixed and mastered
by Nick Lee. They are re-recordings of
two crowd-favorites, and 'Fascia' will be
going on radio soon as the band's first




The Bassist: Rogers


The Lead Vocalist: Sunjoong


The Guitarist: KC


The Drummer: CY

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