Wednesday, April 19, 2006


On my birthday, my Mom gave me a gold necklace... with the "key of success". It was hers... and she got it on HER 21st birthday, which was 30 years ago... phwoar... =P It still looks brand new tho and I LOVE it... ^_^ I'm gonna make it a family heirloom and pass it to my daughter in the future... hehehe... ;D

The necklace that my Mom gave me...

I got birthday wishes from a lotta ppl today... family members, Rev. Peter Young and his wife, Rogers' friends, friends from SLS, friends from SGC, former skoolmates, friends from other churches and of coz, my dear bhanders... hehehe... ;D Some sent me SMSes, some wrote me testimonials on Friendster, some called me up, and some of them sent msgs to me via MSN... =D Thanks, ya'll!!! *muaks!*

Last night, baby took me out at 10.30 p.m. and we went to the hill in Bukit Jalil to walk around and chit chat. At 11.50 p.m., he drove me to a quiet place and I was asked to close my eyes. When it was midnight, he surprised me with a rose and a nicely wrapped gift. He gave me a card as well and I had tears in my eyes after reading what he wrote in the card... =') When I hugged him, I felt like the luckiest and happiest girl in the world... need I say more? *sighs dreamily*


This is the rose that baby gave me...


...and this is the bear that he gave to me to remind me of him

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~peekaboo~ said...

which part of the bear looks like him leh?haha..

michsue said...

hahaha... it's the size la, maybe... cuz hugging rogers is like hugging a real bear wat... so this stuffed bear reminds me of him lor... hehehe... ;P