Saturday, May 13, 2006

I Love Fridays!!!

On May 4th (last Thursday night), baby and I went to 1-Utama to catch a midnight movie after his Korean class. We were torn between watching Fragile (a horror flick starring Calista Flockhart) and Heaven's Bookstore (a Japanese tearjerker with a bit of supernatural flare starring Yuko Takeuchi and Tetsuji Tamayama). When we were at the ticket counter, the ticket guy told us that if we watched Heaven's Bookstore, there would only be 2 of us in the cinema. Baby seemed really excited about it so he bought tickets for the movie... =S

I didn't think it was a good idea at 1st cuz the thought of watching a midnight movie in a big cinema hall with baby is scary... what if we bumped into supernatural entities or something, right? But baby thought it would be romantic and that it would be an unprecedented experience for us... *shrugs* So I agreed rather reluctantly but in the end, we enjoyed ourselves very much... hehehe... ;P

The movie was mediocre (partly because I don't understand Japanese) but we had a great time there... ^_^ Since there were only 2 of us in the cinema, the experience was like watching a movie at the comfort of our own home... on a giant TV screen... =P

Then on Wesak Day (yesterday), baby came over at 3 something to chill. My parents left the house at noon for a holiday to Selesa Hillhomes in Bukit Tinggi with some church members... ;D They were aware that baby was coming over and my mom even brought home some kuih for baby yesterday morning. My brothers, Joe and Kelvin weren't home cuz Joe was out with his friends and Kelvin was in Nilai for a retreat... so baby and I had the house to ourselves... ;D We cuddled up in the living room and watched a Korean romantic comedy called My Little Bride (he brought a lotta DVDs for me to choose from). It was heartwarming and funny... =D Kim Raewon and Moon Geunyoung have a good chemistry together onscreen... and that's what makes the movie interesting and worthwhile.

After the movie, I showed my eldest bro Kenneth's wedding videos to baby and he saw the part where I sang in church with Huiyoong and Priscilla... =) He attended my bro's wedding back in 2002 too but I wasn't close to him back then. At 8 something, we went to Sea Park and had nasi lemak ayam.

When we came home at 10 ish, Kelvin and Joe were already home. My brothers stayed in the room most of the time tho... cuz baby and I were watching TV in the living room. Then after trying out a few DVDs, we decided to watch Road Trip but when we realized there was nudity in the movie, we watched Armageddon instead (before last night, I never watched the movie before). It was a really good movie... and the cast members: Bruce Willis, Liv Tyler and Ben Affleck gave very competent performances. As expected, I had tears in my eyes after the movie... *sniffs*

I love falling asleep in baby's arms and waking up beside him... but most of all, I love looking at him when he sleeps. He has become so important to me that I can't imagine my life without him. The mere thought of living my life without him scares me to the core... =/

Next week, I won't be seeing baby at all cuz I have to sit for my Corporate Planning (CP) exam next Thursday (May 18th). I need to finish up my final assignment for Contextual Studies by this weekend so that I can start on my revision for CP. After the CP paper, I have to prepare for International Marketing paper, which is on May 23rd. The presentation for Contextual Studies is on May 25th and the Copywriting final presentation is on May 27th... =_=" I miss yesterday so badly now... =(

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