Sunday, May 28, 2006

I'm Hungover... *_*

Yesterday (Saturday) was my last day in college. After my Copywriting class, Mike (the lecturer) took a group pic with us.

IAA 54/55 with our lecturer, Michael Khor (the Creative Director of Dentsu, Young & Rubicam)

After class, baby picked me up and then we went to a car workshop to get his dad's car fixed. And then, we went back to his house (we were home alone) and we cooked lunch together for the 1st time! ^_^ Then we watched a romantic Korean movie called Windstruck, starring Jeon Jihyun and Jang Hyuk. It was funny and touching... but I didn't bawl my eyes out la... =P Then we got ready to go to Victor Wong's 21st birthday party (Victor is Rogers' friend from high school).

The party was held at the Rain Tree Club poolside and about 50-60 ppl turned up. I had never met Rogers' high school friends before as he himself hadn't seen them since graduation. I felt a bit out of place at first... and when they were throwing ppl into the pool, I was afraid of getting wet... =P I saw a few familiar faces tho... and I recognized one of them as Foo Yuen. He was in my group at a youth camp in 2000 (I sprained my ankle on the 2nd day of camp, btw). I remember he had a crush on me cuz he gave me a note after the camp... but I forgot what he wrote in that note... I think he asked about my ankle and then he said something about how pretty and nice I was or something... =P

Overall, the party was kinda fun... the food was good... and I was so wasted by the time the party ended... hahaha... *_* Baby bought a few bottles of Soju (Korean liquor) and we finished 'em all! I mixed Soju with beer and drank like, 2 1/2 glasses... and then I drank a glass of Chivas Coke and half a glass of Chivas neat. I drank some Vodka as well... NEAT (without baby's knowledge). No wonder I was so incredibly wasted... =P When Sunjoong, my "drinking buddy" (gosh, I miss him) called baby, I picked up the phone cuz baby was drinking with Victor, Ken and Adrian... I think... =/ I was too wasted to remember la... damn...

Sunjoong: Who's this?
Me: Erm... Michelle...?
Sunjoong: Who's Michelle?
Me: (puzzled) Err... Rogers' girlfriend...?
Sunjoong: But Rogers' girlfriend is April!

Then I passed the phone to baby with a stoned expression on my face. Apparently, Sunjoong was at Little Havana and he was slightly drunk too... hahaha...

Anywayz, at the party, we took some pics together and here they are:

Adrian, Ricky & Ken


Rogie & Victor (The Birthday Boy)


Baby & I were drunk when we took this pic...

(We took a few group pics as well but I haven't gotten them yet. I'll post them here as soon as I get them so stay tuned! ;D)

After the party ended, I had to spend a night at baby's place as we were both drunk and he couldn't drive very far (his place is just 10 mins away from the club). I dunno why I drank so much... maybe cuz baby's ex-gf, Wendy was there... who happens to be the birthday boy's current gf... =S Anywayz, we fell asleep in no time and then we woke up at 9 something the next morning. After washing up, we cooked breakfast together (we were home alone by then) and then we watched Surviving Christmas, a movie starring Ben Affleck and Christina Applegate. We even took a pic together while watching the movie... hahaha... I looked so hungover... arrgh...

The morning after at baby's place...

When baby sent me home at 12 something, I took a shower and I slept till 6 ish... whew... and until now, I'm still giddy... =/ No more alcohol for me! At least, for the next few days... cuz MiLLa's gig is on Friday (June 2nd)! I can't wait!!! =D

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