Thursday, May 25, 2006

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Zack Kim Yongwoon... who is he, you wonder? He's my collegemate... and also the guitarist of one of the coolest bands in Malaysia: Cosmic Funk Express. If you haven't heard of Zack, you must have been living under a rock or something. I'm writing about this Korean dude because he linked my blog to his ( under Michelle-k... hehehe... ;D Since he's a frequent visitor to my blog, I decided to "repay" him by promoting him a lil' bit... =D

Whenever I bump into him in college, I would give him a big smile and say hi. He's painfully shy tho... =P He would just look at me shyly and whisper "hi"... hehehe... It's hard to believe that this talented guy is so shy in person... even onstage, I heard. My boyfriend, Rogers (the bassist of MiLLa) and one of my best friends, Brian (the drummer of Warve) know Zack personally, btw. In case you were wondering, I know Rogers and Brian since I was 13... cuz we're all from the same church.

Anywayz, the lead singer of MiLLa aka my "drinking buddy", Sunjoong (also a Korean) was Zack's coursemate when they were studying at HELP University. Btw, my fav lecturer in IACT, Joshua Lee, who taught me Mass Comm and Sociology, is Zack's guitar teacher and also KC's godbro (KC is the guitarist of MiLLa). Whew... what an incredibly small world... =P

Speaking of Josh, he's 11 years my senior (my eldest bro's age) and he's married with kids... he's quite rich too. My class was invited to his son's baby shower last year in his "mansion" and I saw a drumset in his bedroom! How cool is that??? He's a drummer/guitarist/worship leader in Full Gospel Assembly (FGA)... =) At our college prom in 2004, he sang a song that he wrote for his wife with acoustic guitar accompaniment... so sweet... ^_^ I was so "lum" man... hehehe... ;P When he was younger, he was in a rock band... and he was a skateboarder! He's my fav lecturer not only because he's so damn cool and talented... but also because I got A's for the subjects he taught... hehehe... ;P Oh, btw, he's also the founder of the Christian Fellowship in college. It's called SKETCHES... =D

Josh wrote me a testimonial on Friendster after I wrote one for him... and this is what he said:

Michelle, yes, vart took you sooo long to write me a testimonial...

Well, when I think of Michelle, I remember a very stealth lady... always in the background, but wah-liau, sur-rai-us-sly talented man.

But the real Michelle is like oil. You've got to get an oil rig, or really know her well before you can see the real colors that shine within this amazing person... even Michael Khor
(he's my Copywriting lecturer) has said so...

She's the quiet one that is more than meets the eye... always surprising me with surpassing results... you deserved the A's...

Hey, why you no come to CF wan? Been waiting for you la... : )

Anyways, do take care and stay wonderful...

So sweet, right? I'm so flattered... *_*

Anywayz, coming back to Zack, I didn't who Zack was until I met him at a gig at Multimedia University (MMU) in Malacca a few months ago. I went there with MiLLa cuz MiLLa was also performing (CLICK HERE to read all about the Malacca trip; CLICK HERE to know all about MiLLa). When I saw Zack, I told Rogers, "Hey, I think I just saw a junior of mine." Then Rogers told me all about him and not long after that, Brian also told me about him... on separate occasions. That was how I came to know about this talented musician. I saw some of his videos at and after that, I became his no. 1 fan... ^_^ Check these videos out...

Zack Kim (Super Mario Theme):

Cosmic Funk Express:

Here's an article about him at Think Online:

Btw, my friend Andy Yeoh, the lead singer of Altered Frequency is the manager of Flatfish Communications (website development, graphic design, magazine publishing, etc.) and Think Online is his online magazine... =) And the dude who wrote that article about Zack is Chris Chew, someone I kinda know thru my friend, Priscilla Wong. The world is getting smaller by the minute... =P

P.S. - I've recently put Altered Frequency promo video in my Friendster profile. You can CLICK HERE to watch it.

MiLLa will be having a gig at Little Havana in KL on June 2nd and some other local bands will be playing too! We have booked the whole place so please do come by on June 2nd at 7 p.m.!

CLICK HERE to check MiLLa out at Music Canteen.


Anonymous said...

hahha very interesting story eh?
U so lucky u are in the same college as Zack and all the other happening dudes.

WooO wOoo...why nobody comes to my college wan??! *wooo weeppsss*

*weeps even more*

-tai yin-

michsue said...

hahaha... u silly girl... =) thanks for visiting my blog... *muaks!* hope to see u soon!