Saturday, June 10, 2006


TODAY is Sunjoong's 24th birthday!!! Saengil chukha hamnida!!! ;P Baby picked me up at 5 ish and then we went to Ampang Point to look for a last min gift for Sunjoong and we bought him "imported" chocolates... hahaha... ;P We did some shopping too... for baby... cuz he needed a new shirt and a pair of black pants for Yennie and Mike's wedding on July 1st. I can't wait!!! I love weddings... ^_^ Yennie and Mike are our friends from church, btw. Yennie is a Malaysian and Mike is an Australian. I'll definitely write about their wedding and I'll post some pics here... ;D

After shopping, we went to Sunjoong's house for his private birthday party, where only the most important ppl in his life were invited... =P Rogie and I arrived 1st, then followed by CY, Sam, KC, Mavis, Calvin, Amanda, Annie, and some other ppl that I've only met once or twice. It was a BBQ party... by the pool (sorta) wit lotsa Soju (Korean liquor), Kimchi (a spicy Korean cabbage dish), and of coz, marinated chicken and pork to be barbequed. I got wasted pretty early... altho I drank less than usual... maybe cuz I didn't eat much before that... and I puked out the Kimchi later on cuz I ate it AFTER I drank some beer and Soju... *_*

When I was drunk, I tried to get CY to drink more Soju cuz he claimed that he gets drunk easily... hahaha... I would never do that to him if I was sober cuz I ain't even close to him... =P Rogie wasn't there when I got drunk cuz he went out to bring a friend to the party... he was out for about an hour with his cousin Calvin... so Mavis and Sam took care of me... =P

During the party, we took some pics (I was totally wasted by then) and here they are:

Chiaw Yaw aka CY (the drummer of MiLLa) & I


KC (the guitarist of MiLLa), Me & Sunjoong


Mavis (Calvin's gf), Me, Rogie & Calvin (Rogers' cousin) + Sunjoong (who was practically unconscious)


Sunjoong (the Korean lead vocalist of MiLLa), Samantha (Rogers' best friend) & I

Rogie and I stayed overnight at Sunjoong's house and then we went home at 10 something the next morning. When I reached home, I showered and went straight to bed cuz I was having the worst hangover EVER... =(

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