Saturday, June 3, 2006

MiLLa's Gig @ Little Havana

Rogers picked me up at 1 ish and we went to Little Havana to set up the equipments for the gig. Little Havana is a French restaurant and bar and it's located in the heart of KL. It has a romantic ambience and it's really cozy downstairs. The floor above was where we set up the equipments. Only CY (the drummer), baby and I were there at that time cuz Sunjoong (the lead vocalist) and the guitarist, KC were at work. After setting up, we left that place at 4 ish and we got ready at baby's house. Then we went back to Little Havana at 6 ish and waited for the rest to arrive. Most of the bands came late so the gig only started at 8.30 p.m. instead of 7 p.m.

The 1st band that played was The Fridays. They were okie but I prefer the following band, which was 13 Tribes. The band members looked good and they sounded good too... ;D Sky Juice Coffee was just mediocre while the Beat The System members were like POD wannabes... =P Dun get me wrong... they were good but I'm not a fan of POD... >.< Stone Bay was superb... while Project Ei8ht was as good as always. Infiltrated was... errr... *ahem* just not my cuppa tea... =_="

The last band to perform was the organizer of the whole event: MiLLa! They saved the best for last... ;D I think MiLLa wasn't the most outstanding band of the night (due to some technical problems) BUT because my boyfriend was the bassist, they sounded pretty good... hahaha... ;P Baby looked damn "yau yeng" and he was among the best bassists of the night to me. I'd never seen anyone else play the bass guitar like he did... and I was prolly the proudest gf there... ^_^ KC's guitar solo made us all feel very proud of him too... =D

MiLLa's songs never sound the same unlike most well-known bands... be it local or international. That's exactly what makes MiLLa so unique! CLICK HERE to listen to some of MiLLa's songs at Music Canteen or CLICK HERE to know all about MiLLa.

During the gig, I sat alone most of the time cuz Rogers and the rest were busy co-ordinating the whole event. There were a lotta ppl there but I managed to spot a few familiar faces e.g the bassist of Dragon Red. She was there with her bf... and some local actors were there as well. A few cute French guys who prolly saw the sign at the entrance came up and they seemed very entertained by the 13 Tribes cuz they approached the lead singer right after the band performed.

Sunjoong's gf, Amanda, and her siblings only came halfway thru the gig and then we drank 2 jugs of beer. Btw, Sunjoong promised to "smuggle" some Soju (Korean liquor) in but he didn't! I love mixing Soju and beer... but there was no Soju! I was so disappointed! Amanda told me not to trust him EVER AGAIN. Arrgh!!! >.< I was feeling really grouchy... and then some old Caucasian fart approached us and asked if we were groupies! >.< I felt so insulted... I just walked away... ish... grrr...

Amanda was really friendly to me and I could tell she was tryina get close to me cuz she kept putting her arm around my shoulder and holding my hand as tho we had been friends forever. She accompanied me when Rogers was busy co-ordinating the event and then at one point, she told her bro to take a pic of us with her celly... =S She even suggested that we go shopping and drinking more often... =) I was wary of her at 1st, knowing that she's beautiful and wealthy. But I guess she ain't the spoilt rich brat I thought she was... =)

Samantha, Mavis and Calvin arrived right before Infiltrated performed and we had a fun time talking and laughing... at Sunjoong and Rogers... ^_^ We laughed at Sunjoong cuz he was being his crazy self onstage and we laughed at Rogers cuz he WASN'T wearing his "sausage shirt" (it's a private joke). Anywayz, when they arrived, I introduced Amanda to them and then the 4 of us: Amanda, Sam, Mavis and I ended up talking animatedly about guys (cuz Sam is now single... =/), and we were making plans to have a girl's day/night out till Calvin felt left out... hahaha...

After the gig, we went to Taman Mayang to unload the equipments back to the studio. Then the 8 of us: me, Rogers, CY and his gf; KC, Sam, Mavis and Calvin went to William's to have supper. KC and Calvin were sorta telling me Rogers' embarrassing stories and then Calvin (the whole gang labels him a lamer, btw) wanted to tell me a gross story which apparently made Mavis and Rogers sick in the stomach cuz they were tryina stop Calvin from telling me but for those of you who know me, I am the epitome of grossness... well, almost... ;P So I was more than eager to hear what he had to say! =P Baby just looked at me with a stoned expression on his face... hahaha!!! Lemme just summarize what Calvin told me... in my own creative way:

A Recipe For The Gross Lamerz Club

TODAY'S SPECIAL: Vomelette ala Calvin Lim style

Raw Eggs
Raw Sausages

(1) Eat the raw eggs and raw sausages.
(2) Gag yourself by sticking a finger in your throat.
(3) Puke out all the raw eggs and raw sausages.
(4) Then cook omelette out of the vomit.
(5) After pan frying the vomit omelette to your desired doneness, your vomelette is ready to be eaten!

Gross, huh? Hahaha!!! I hope I didn't spoil your appetite... -_-

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