Thursday, June 1, 2006

Last night...

...I followed Rogers to the jamming studio in OUG. Amanda (Sunjoong's new gf) and I were the only non-MiLLa members who tagged along. The guys had a great time jamming and KC (the guitarist) was outstanding... whew... *respect* When we were about to leave the studio, baby got a weird SMS from an unknown number that says, "I love your nipples... they are so nice..." or something like that... =S I was amused yet horrified at the same time... hahaha!!! Until now, nobody knows who sent that SMS to baby but he said it could be from his crazy cousin/former drummer of MiLLa, Calvin... *shrugs*

Then we went to a studio in TTDI called Sonique Productions and the person-in-charge there is a guy named Nick Lee. It's next to @19 Records (MiLLa's label). When I was there with the band, I browsed through Nick's guestbook and I found out that many local artistes like my friend, Andy Yeoh's band Altered Frequency (I knew about it even before I browsed through the book), Dragon Red, Victor Wong (as in, Pin Guan!), K-Town Clan, Frequency Cannon, Too Phat, Alex Tan (Andy Yeoh's friend), Patrick Leong, Shelley Leong, etc. had their songs mastered there as well! Ain't that cool??? ^_^

I can't wait for the gig at Little Havana tomorrow!!! I'm nervous yet excited at the same time (Andy Yeoh's fav quote... ;P)!!! It's not like I'll be playing but hey... the man of my dreams is gonna play, yo! I'm so proud of my baby... ;D Oh... MiLLa might be playing on June 17th at this thing called Music Canteen Truck in which Altered Frequency and Cosmic Funk Express might be playing too!!! Yay!!! The following day, I'll be going to a private function in Bukit Jalil where Malaysian Idol, Jaclyn Victor and Wang Lee Hom are gonna perform!!! Woohoo!!! I can't wait!!! ^_^



The Bassist: Rogers


The Lead Vocalist: Sunjoong


The Guitarist: KC



The Drummer: CY

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