Thursday, June 22, 2006

My Day Out With My Mom & Godma

I had lunch with my Godma and my Mom at Delicious (by MS. READ) in Bangsar Village today. We had smoked salmon quiche, chicken pie, Caesar salad and chocolate brownie. The food wasn't that great but the chocolate brownie was heavenly... I miss it... *drools* It's a nice place to enjoy a cuppa coffee with your girlfriends or something tho. Steph, we MUST go there someday! =D

After lunch, we shopped around for a while in Bangsar Village and then we walked to Jalan Telawi to check out some Nokia phones. After that, we went back to my Godma's place and I browsed thru my Godma's DVD/VCD collection. She has hundreds of them... and I borrowed The Silence Of The Lambs (I know... I know... I can't believe I haven't watched it either... =/) and Brokeback Mountain (I thought of watching it with Rogers but he refused!>.<).

At 6 ish, we went to Pantai Seafood for dinner. I went there with my Godma, my Mom, Uncle Dick (my Godma's American bf whose real name is Richard Stauffeur; Dick is short for Richard), Uncle Jimmy, Aunty Cathy and my mom's 2nd elder bro who's a millionaire in UK, Uncle Teik Wah. We had shark fin's soup, prawns, fish, steamed chicken, etc. and we drank red wine... =) Uncle Dick calls me "Princess", btw... hahaha... cuz I'm my Godma's youngest goddaughter... ;P

On the way home, my Mom asked what I thought of Rogers and I kinda overpraised him a lil'... hehehe... ;P But it was all good... cuz Rogers is indeed the best boyfriend I've ever had and everyone can tell how much he loves me. My Mom likes him a lot as he's well-mannered and sincere... and she told me to cherish him... =) I do
cherish my baby, okie... he's the best thing that ever happened to me... =D

Altho Rogers can be a pain in the neck sometimes, I know that being in a relationship is not about seeking perfection in your partner... but accepting your partner's imperfections. It's definitely easier said that done as I'm somewhat a perfectionist, esp. when it comes to men... so it's VERY hard for me to tolerate men who dun meet my expectations. I know I ain't perfect either but I'm working on it... =P So far, Rogers is STILL the best boyfriend I've ever had... he pampers me A LOT! ^_^ He's definitely for keeps... ;D

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