Saturday, July 1, 2006

A Celebration Of Love: Michael Starkey & Yong Yen Nie

Yennie and Mike got married today!!! Now Yennie is Mrs. Michael Starkey... ^_^ I still remember the 1st day Mike stepped into SLS. It was a Good Friday (in 2005) and Yennie was a new member in church. I remember some time in April 2005, the Cutting Edge Youth Cell went bowling at Cosmic Bowl and then we went to Yennie's place for a steamboat dinner. That day, we all noticed that Mike was interested in Yennie cuz he was talking to her most of the time and he even taught her how to bowl... ;P Back at Yennie's place, we had a wonderful dinner and then they surprised the April babes (Bridget, Connie, Phik Li & I) with gifts and a beautiful birthday cake:

The Cutting Edge Youth Cell (taken in April 2005)


The April Babes

A few weeks after that, Yennie, Mike and Teddy went on a mission trip and when they returned, Yennie and Mike became inseparable... =D I remember seeing the cute pics they took together... the romantic cards they wrote for each other (cuz Mike displayed the cards in his living room)... and now they're married... =') They're leaving Malaysia really soon to settle down in Mike's home country, Australia. I'm gonna miss them so much... ='(

The wedding ceremony was beautiful as it was held in a traditional church called St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in KL. The wedding dinner was held at the Equatorial Hotel. Daniel Wong (my cousin-in-law) took beautiful pics of the couple and incorporated them into a slide show presentation. He showed the pics at the dinner with beautiful music accompaniment. The hightlight of the night was prolly the "yum seng" part by Mike's dad (he's an Australian, mind you) so it was truly a cross-cultural wedding... =P Mike and his dad were tipsy by the time the dinner ended cuz they drank a lotta red wine... and champagne as well... =)

I realized that I took Yennie and Mike for granted cuz I never really made any effort to hang out with them more often and now that they're moving away, my heart feels so heavy... *sighs* When I hugged them goodbye just now, Mike told me that I had been a wonderful friend to them and Yennie said she would miss me very much... *sniffs* They've always been so kind and caring... not just toward me, but toward everyone they know. They're the most wonderful ppl I know as they're genuinely nice, caring and sincere... I'm gonna miss them so much... ='(

Have a blissful marriage, you guys... love ya... *hugz*

The Wedding Ceremony At St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church

Here comes the bride!


Praise & Worship session


Mr. & Mrs. Michael Starkey and friends


The SLS Family


Connie, Calista & Me at the wedding reception

The Wedding Dinner At The Equatorial Hotel Ballroom

Fairytale wedding...


Cheers to the newly weds!


Me hugging Yennie for the last time... ='(


Rogie hugging Yennie for the last time...


Yin Thing, Steph, Calista & I


Connie, Calista, Me & Steph

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Mike&Yennie said...

aw Michelle, you are so sweet, was great to get yr perspective on our journey... Yennie and I miss you all too and maybe we'll see you shortly after Christmas. Still planning when we can get back lah!

michsue said...

hey!!! oh i cant wait!!! miss u guys heaps!!! so am i gonna see lil mikes and/or lil yennies when u're back? ;P