Thursday, July 13, 2006

My Week With Rogers (MiLLa's Gig + Malacca Trip)

July 7th (Friday)

Today I went to baby's house to watch a movie and have dinner with his family. I met Rogers' cousin, lil' Joycie for the 1st time and she was the cutest 4-year-old I've ever met! She was talkative and she liked me... =) Dinner with his family wasn't as scary as I thought... and his mom's cooking was really good...

July 8th (Saturday)

Baby and I had dinner at Burger King in Hartamas and not long after that, KC and Diana joined us there. At 7 p.m., we went to KL Jam Asia (which was within walking distance) and waited for the rest of the band to arrive.

The gig started at 7.15 p.m. and the bands that played that night were Infiltrated (the organizer), Love Me Butch, Deja Voodoo Spells, Sky Juice Coffee, Transient Vortex, Alcentric, A New Fall, Project Ei8ht, Carbolic Smokeballs, Dragon Red and of coz, MiLLa. Among all the bands I just mentioned, only Carbolic Smokeballs, Project Ei8ht, Alcentric, Dragon Red and MiLLa were the most outstanding ones... *ahem* ;D Love Me Butch was not bad, actually... but I dun really like their music... *shrugs*

When MiLLa was performing, Diana and I were hooting and hollering like a coupla groupies... ;P Calvin (Rogers' cousin), Mavis (Calvin's gf), Amanda (Sunjoong's gf), and Grace (a friend of Amanda's) were there with us too. After MiLLa's performance, Amanda, Grace and I went to Cristro's Cafe while the rest of them remained at KL Jam Asia. We ordered a jug of beer and then I had one of my fav cocktails, Sex On The Beach (peach schnapps, vodka, cranberry juice, orange juice and pineapple juice). We had a great time talking about our boyfriends and Amanda told me that she loved talking to me... =)

Amanda is a really sweet babe... even Grace said so. Amanda is actually her boss but they look like best friends to me... that shows how nice Amanda is to everyone, including her subordinates. We took some pics together and I'll post them here once Amanda has sent them to me... =D

By the time we went back to KL Jam Asia, I was feeling slightly groggy... but only for a short while. Rogie thought I was drunk so he nagged me altho I kept telling him that I wasn't even tipsy... =_="

July 9th (Sunday)

After church service today, baby and I went to Berjaya Times Square to watch Re-Cycle. It was very disturbing... and I was feeling dazed after the movie... =( The movie was about a young woman writer, Ting-yin, pen-named Chu Xun (Lee Sinje). Her 1st novel is a love story that touches the hearts of all her readers. Her manager announces her next title in her autograph party (The Re-Cycle) and it deals with the supernatural forces. Her readers eagerly await the release of her new book with high expectations of her fictional work to be true to life.

The film opens with Ting-yin starting work on the Re-Cycle. After drafting a chapter, she stops. She even deletes the file which contains the draft from her computer. Later, she begins to see weird things. Some of the phenomenon cannot be explained. Ting-yin feels that the supernatural events depicted in her fictional work begin to unfold in the real world! Ting-yin finds it increasingly hard to tell what is real and what is imaginary... but she soon learns that perhaps she should follow the mysterious hints into the other world. One night, Ting-yin decides to follow the hints into the other world, in which she has the experience of real and pure horror! Gosh... this movie is definitely NOT for the faint-hearted... @_@

After the movie, we went back to baby's place to rest. His whole family (including his paternal grandparents) was there. I took a nap in his room till 5 ish... =) Baby woke me up after an hour and then we went to a restaurant in KL with baby's family. Rogie's mom introduced me to her sisters, brothers, sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, nephews and nieces... whew... I was so shy... =P Lil' Joycie was there too and apparently, she had been talking bout me with her parents and sisters... =D

Joanne (Rogers' sis) took this pic when we weren't looking...

After the dinner, I went to Taman Mayang with baby for band practice. Calvin and Mavis came after a while and they watched CSI in the hall with me for nearly 2 hours... =D Calvin was being a pest cuz he called me an alcoholic (he even wrote that in my testimonial on Friendster) and when I told them that I was going to Malacca with Rogie the following day, Calvin kept reminding me to bring condoms! >.< My poor, innocent mind had been corrupted by Calvin Lim... =(

When we were having supper downstairs, I took a pic of Calvin and Mavis:

Calvin was "abusing" Mavis... ;P

July 10th (Monday)

Rogie picked me up at 9 ish and then we adjourned to Malacca! We bought some Dunkin' Donuts on the way and we had a fun time eating, talking and laughing in the car... ^_^ My period came that day tho... and I'm always in excruciating pain on the 1st day of my period so I was slightly grouchy... =P

Backview of Aldy Hotel


Our room...


The bathroom is really nice...

We checked in at Aldy Hotel at 1 p.m., which was near Christ Church and then we took a nap till evening... hehehe... then we went to Jonker Street and had satay celup! It was really good... and during dinner, Stephanie Yeoh (a friend who had migrated to Melbourne 7 years ago) and her bf, Franklin happened to walk by. When she saw me, she yelled my name and gave me a warm hug. I knew she was back in Malaysia for a holiday and she did tell me that she was going to Malacca on the same day as Rogie and I but I didn't expect to bump into her that night... so it was a pleasant surprise... ^_^

We took this pic right before we had satay celup...


The sauce for satay celup...



After dinner, baby and I went to Mahkota Parade for a while and then we went back to our hotel room and watched some TV before hitting the hay...

July 11th (Tuesday)

We woke up at 10 something and then we visited the Dutch graveyard and the St. Paul's Church (on top of St. Paul's Hill) before meeting up with Steph and Franklin for lunch.

We had chicken rice balls... and then we walked along Jonker Street for bout an hour or so to shop for souvenirs.

Jonker Street


Stephanie & I

After saying our goodbyes, Rogie and I visited a few places including Christ Church and A'Famosa...


Look how cute my baby looked!!!


Baby slurping on his cendol...


Rogie & the Princess... ;P


Rogie + Princess Gorgie = Forever & Always


Rogie: Honey, walk faster la!

Me: *pouts*


Rogers Sek Mun Choong & Michelle Kirsten Tai


Check out my photography skills:

We also went on a boat ride in the evening... =D These are the pics we took:

We had dinner at Ole Sayang Restaurant and we ordered assam fish, otak-otak, terung goreng, sambal udang petai and telur dadar... ^_^

Ole Sayang Restaurant


Assam fish




Terung goreng


Sambal udang petai

After that, we bought some beers (he likes Carlsberg but I prefer Heineken anytime), went back to our hotel room, soaked ourselves in the hot tub and drank beer after that... hehehe... ;P

July 12th (Wednesday)

We had a wonderful lunch at the Famosa Restaurant and we had dumplings, chicken rice balls, and chicken claws in Thai sauce.

Then we went to Geographer's Cafe (the same cafe that Sammi Cheng went to in the movie Summer Holiday) and I had Long Island Tea (vodka, tequila, rum, gin, triple sec, sweet and sour mix and Coke) whilst Rogie had a bottle of Carlsberg. The ambience was really nice... and these are the pics we took there:

After that we went to Mahkota Parade and watched Take The Lead, starring Antonio Banderas. It was an awesome movie... recommended by Mavis... ^_^ It is the true story of Pierre Dulaine, an inspirational Manhattan dance teacher and competitor who volunteers his time to teach ballroom dancing to a diverse group of New York inner-city high school students serving detention.

The students are initially sceptical of Dulaine, especially when they learn what he's there to teach them, but his unwavering commitment and dedication slowly inspire them to embrace the programme. In fact, they even take it one step further and combine Dulaine's classical dance with their unique hip-hop style and music to create a high-energy fusion. As Dulaine becomes a mentor for his students, many of whom haven't had much to strive towards in their lives, he inspires them to hone their craft for a prestigious city ballroom competition, and in return they share with each other valuable lessons about pride, respect and honour. So cool, right?

Right before we left Malacca, we had McD's Beef Foldover meal and ice-cream sundaes. The journey home was pleasant... until our car broke down in Seremban. I was so scared cuz 2 Indian men approached us and offered to "help" but I knew they were up to no good. They wanted us to follow them to buy some hose together but we refused. They wouldn't leave us alone for more than half an hour no matter how many times we said no so I was really worried about our safety... =( I prayed so hard for the men to leave us alone and I was so relieved when they did...

Then the PLUS police patrol came and helped to tow our car to the nearest rest stop. The police officers were friendly and they told us that a lotta ppl had fallen prey to those hooligans before...

Anywayz, when Rogers' dad's colleague finally arrived at the rest stop to fix our car, Rogers' dad called me to make sure we were alright. Then after another hour or so, we went to Mid Valley Megamall for dinner. We had Seafood Platter at Manhattan Fish Market... ^_^

The best part of the trip is that I get to hug and kiss baby wherever and whenever I want to... hehehe... and it always feels good to kiss him goodnite, hug him to sleep and then plant a big kiss on his cheek when he's awake the next day... ;D

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