Saturday, July 15, 2006

*Doulos Youth International Night @ PJEFC*

A few weeks ago, Andy Yeoh (the lead singer of Altered Frequency) asked me to go to his band's gig at PJEFC on July 14th. I thought it was just a normal youth concert featuring his band but when I arrived at PJEFC just now, I realized that it was actually Doulos Youth International Night! I went there with Rogers and Yen Mun...

Yen Mun & I

Altered Frequency led in worship and then there were drama performances, testimonies given by the Doulos staff, choir performances, and dance performances.

Altered Frequency rocks!!!


"Every knee shall bow... every tongue confess... Jesus Christ is Lord of all..."


Traditional dance by the Doulos staff


Swing dance by the Doulos staff


Hip hop dance by the Doulos staff


The Doulos staff choir

After the event, Rogers and I each bought a bag of books (plus 2 Delirious CDs inside) for only RM20... =D Then Yen Mun and I went back into the hall to say hi to Andy. We chatted for a while before taking a pic with the whole band. Agnel was surprised to see me and then we chatted for a while about college, mutual friends, etc. He thought I was getting married, btw... hahaha!!! How I wish that was true... *sniffs* Anywayz, I didn't say hi to Daniel (Dan the Man), Kysern and David cuz I dun really know them... =P Here's the pic we took together:

Rogers & I + Altered Frequency

Rogers wasn't supposed to be in the pic but Agnel was the "culprit" who asked him to stand in front of us... hehehe... ;P Btw, Rogers' band (MiLLa) and Altered Frequency had their songs mastered at the same studio (Sonique Productions) so they all sorta know each other... =)

I had a great time tonight cuz Yen Mun was with us!!! I did ask Bridget to come along but she couldn't make it cuz she had to work... *sobs* Anywayz, the 3 of us had a fun time catching up during supper... ^_^ Hope to see you soon, Yen Mun! ;D

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