Monday, July 31, 2006

*My Weekend With Some Friends I Can't Live Without*

I was almost late for the interview last Friday. The interview was scheduled at 2.30 p.m. so I left the house at 1.30 p.m. to wait for a cab downstairs. Half an hour later, I called Josh and told him that I still couldn't get a cab. So he called a cab for me but before the cab arrived, I took another cab cuz it was already 2.10 p.m. and I reached the Taman Desa Medical Center at 2.25 p.m. Josh was already waiting for me there... and when we reached the ad agency, it was 2.30 p.m. SHARP! Pretty amazing, huh? ^_^

It's a small ad agency called SoftCell and it's a bungalow in Taman Desa. There are less than 10 ppl working there and according to Josh, they're all below 30 years old. SoftCell is a hip and happening agency and they like to hire fresh graduates... like me... =) There's a swimming pool at the backyard... so cool, right? The management wants their staff to work in a relaxed environment... so that they can generate great creatively superb ideas and concepts for their clients.

Anywayz, the interview was more like a casual chat, really. The Creative Director, Aiai was a really sweet girl... =D She liked my portfolio and she was pretty impressed with my CV... so she told me to e-mail her more samples of my work and then she would arrange for a 2nd interview. I hope I'll get hired!

After my interview, I went home and rested for a while. Han and Mavis picked me up at 7 ish and we adjourned to Sunway Pyramid. The 3 of us had dinner at Genki Sushi (I MADE Han buy us dinner... hohohoho!!!) and we had a great time laughing at each other... ;P It was really fun... and then Calvin suddenly turned up (he was supposed to come back from Penang on Sat, not Fri) and joined us for dinner.

After dinner, we watched Lady In The Water with 2 other ppl, Kash and his gf, Helen (friends of Han's). I never met Kash and Helen before but they had heard about me cuz they know Rogers. After the movie, I went back to Cal and Mavis' place to spend a night there. Mavis invited Joshua and Barry to join us for karaoke at 1 a.m. but Josh only called to confirm at 2 a.m. cuz he dozed off right after Mavis called him... =_="

By the time he called me, Mavis was already asleep so he asked me out for a drink instead but I was too tired to go out. So I decided to go to bed after I hung up the phone... BUT Cal forced me to see his card tricks and even made me watch a VCD with him while his fiancee was soundly asleep beside us... =_=" Dun worry... we weren't watching porn or anything... hahaha... it was about - you guess it - CARD TRICKS... *sighs* The following day (Saturday), I had lunch with Mavis at McD's and then she came over to my place to chill for a while.

On Sunday, after having my eyebrows embroided at Ultimate Impression at The Curve, I went to Subang Parade to do an eye test and I was supposed to collect my spectacles an hour later... but there was a change of plans so Cal offered to collect it for me on Monday (today) and give it to me tomorrow night... =) I had dinner with Mavis and Cal in Taman Mayang (before Cal and Mavis arrived, I was yumcha-ing with CY and KC) and then we went up to Hacienda Studio to join KC and CY. Sunjoong went to Korea last week and Rogie wasn't back from his family trip yet... so Cal played the bass for fun at the studio.

When CY and KC were taking a break, Cal played the drums for me cuz I complained that I never heard him play the drums "live" before (he was the former drummer of MiLLa) and I felt really honored to hear him play the drums as he IS among the best drummers in the country... =D He even knows great drummers like Jerry Felix and Agnel Raj (the drummer of Altered Frequency) personally, okie. Cal teaches drums at Yamaha on Suns... and did I tell you that Cal is Rogers' cousin? They're as close as brothers... that's why Cal's fiancee, Mavis is like my "dai sou" (sis-in-law)... =D

After jamming, Cal, Mavis, KC and I went bowling with Joshua, Barry, Shiori (a Japanese girl), Min Han, Xinyu (Joshua's neighbor) and Terence in Sunway Pyramid. I was having a great time with them altho I didn't bowl well at all. However my mood was spoilt by a certain individual... =/ So I stopped playing after the 1st game... *shrugs*

Anywayz, when HE came, we left not long after that. We talked and then we had a drink at a nearby mamak restaurant. Things aren't so bad now, I suppose... but it still hurts... =(

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