Sunday, August 6, 2006

*I Miss My Favorite Bassist: Rogers Sek Mun Choong*

I miss the way he plays Fascia, Fetus, Samsara, Mother As Bull With Parasol, Marlon Brando, Down Right Play Right (his very own composition) & Elaine Pedley.

Rogers is quitting the band very soon... ='(

I went to one of his last gigs on Friday night at Paul's Place, btw.

His bandmates have been telling me that he doesn't deserve me cuz he's an immature jerk who doesn't know how to appreciate me. When they told me that they would still hang out with me (without him, of coz), I felt really touched. They also said I could still go to the studio and see them jam... and that I'm always welcome to go to their gigs. They said they dun like the "new" Rogers cuz he's an effing hypocrite who usta talk about waiting for true love but now he's throwing true love away like a used tissue paper after only 5 and a half months. Even his own best friend thinks he's an @sshole.

His 3 sisters dun understand why he's being so cruel to me either. They seemed upset when I broke the news to them. My mom is really upset too cuz she thought he was the best bf I ever had. She is really disappointed in him.


Hearing those harsh words from his friends really made me wonder WHY someone I thought I knew turned out to be so unjust and so cruel. However, I still love him very much and I believe he'll come back to me someday...



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