Friday, September 1, 2006

*Jesus Still Loves Me*

Took me a while
But I'm finally here
I just wanna testify
Make it crystal clear
See, I've been picked out
To be picked on
Talked about out my friend's mouth
I've been beat down
Till Jesus turned my life around

I used to wake up some days
And wish I had stayed asleep
Cuz I went to bed on top of the world
Today the world's on top of me
Everybody's got opinions
They ain't been in my position
They share, they don't care
It breaks my heart when I hear what they have to say about me

I'm not perfect
Yes, I do wrong
I'm trying my best
But it ain't good enough
Shunned by the world
If I don't succeed
Cuz I ain't good enough
But Jesus still loves me

Seems like I always fall short of bein' worthy
Cuz I ain't good enough
But Jesus still loves me
I ain't no superstar
The spotlight ain't shinin' on me
Cuz I ain't good enough
But Jesus still loves me

If you ain't worthy just raise your hands
And let me know that you understand
That we are all so blessed to be loved
Stand for Him or fall for anything
Cuz through His eyes we all look the same
What would we do without blame?


dannyOne said...

its nice to know u are safe~~
keep on rolling~
all the best to ya...

Another Fellow Ox said...

Yes HE does! HE is looking over you.

You're good enough in my books!

Keep the spirits up!
(*Hands raised*) ;)

love you both said...

who would cast the first stone at another, and claim not to be a sinner himself. we are all sinners, failures in many ways. yet yes, Jesus loves us all the same. only humans judge us. this is a learning step for everyone. it stretches how far a human heart can go. to cast a stone, or be kind. for we know we are all not perfect.

michsue said...

dannyone... omg... how did u find my blog??? u r the "Ah Nerd" from Trio & A Bed, right??? gosh... and u r a friend of eric lim kien fei's... small world... i didnt know u were the danny that eric toured with... *blur*

another fellow ox and love you both... i wanna know who u guys r... =D can u tell me ur real names and which church u're from? =)

adriantai said...

heya... glad to know all's well now... ;)

guess u can say i'm a fan now. i'll be dropping by every now and then.

btw, not sure why but everytime i visit your blog, it get an error message on my IE and it crashes. probably u have some code that's causing the IE to crash.

michsue said...

hey adriantai... r u related to me? hahaha... what makes u wanna be my fan anyway? hehehe... ;P i'm just an ordinary girl... i think the iwebmusic code is causing the IE to crash... *shrugs*

adriantai said...

oh yeah... you just reminded about being 'related'. when i first heard about you... i thought maybe we're related... very, very distant relatives... hahaha... nar, dun think so.

fan... well, coz i think have great things ahead of you! :)

enjoy... it's FRIDAY!!!!

adriantai said...

very hungry today and ate some of my words...

"you just reminded *ME* about..."

"...coz i think *YOU* have...

mistipurple said...

hi michsue, i am "love you both". i am from singapore. i have been very concerned since you went missing. i know the journey to healing is a long road, but God does wonders! He can also lift all our sorrows very fast. give Him everything as you have often said. words are easier said than done though. the head is stupid sometimes. lol!

Another Fellow Ox said...

Hi Michelle,

Leonard here a.k.a Another Fellow Ox.

Similarly, was concerned when I got the news of your dissapearence. And got "the message" that you needed the support to heal. Have gone thru some sad moments before, and understand the importance of support and encouragement during the healing process.

However, I must applaud your courage to face the issues and express yourself after your ordeal. Made the healing process smoother.

Am glad to see that you are recovering well in HIS grace. And expressing youself via your poetry is an excellent way to self understanding and recovery. You are well on your way to emotional independece and being a stronger individual. And with regards to relationships.. a friend once told me, "HE puts challenges in our lifes so we may understand ourselves better, understand our partners/firends better and be stronger (spiritually, mentally and emotionally)."

Anyway, keep your spirits up and always go to HIM for guidance and strength. Its amazing how HE touches our lives sometimes. :)

God Bless!