Thursday, August 31, 2006

*Silver Linings*

At some point in our life
We face a time of strife
All we got is our will to survive
And those trials that come my way
Feels I'd rather do without the adversity
That everybody knows all about...

I can't go on, there's no point in believing
After the storm there's a pale silver lining
Wish I could rub on a lamp like Aladdin
Deep in my heart there's a grief and a yearning...

In our quest for meaning
The simple truths are those worth looking in
They lay behind the screen
Of fame and glamor, just illusive dreams
Cuz life without the pain
Renders joy a worthless gain
For we know not how to appreciate
Having not experienced
Walking through the narrow lane...

If we rage against the flow
Our fruits of labor
Time will show, we will grow
So come on take the carpet ride
Hold on tight with all your might
Don't let go...

I will go on soar on wings of believing
After the storm there's a pale silver lining
Don't need to rub on a lamp like Aladdin
Joy fills my heart, no more grief, no more yearning...

As sure as the sun rises high in the sky
Brings a turning of the tide
A new hope for the day
And brings an end to those lonely nights
Renews our faith in a better tomorrow
Joy and relief not of pain and of sorrow
I know I've got hope
And I know the sun will shine...

Now in times of doubt
Contemplating life's roundabout
Remember ripples in the water
Don't equate to you taking the easy way out
There's a purpose in the making
Contrary to what they're saying
When the going gets rough
The tough don't give in...


love you both said...

soaring the sky with you.
we'll ride the pain together
alot of us are in some kind of pain also.
but we can hold onto each other's hands
and lean on,
baby steps i say,
always baby steps.

take care! :)

michsue said...

^_^ amen to that!