Monday, September 25, 2006

*Riding In Cars With Boys Equals A Crazy Night Out*

Last night, I met up with Daniel Ding (a friend from Church Of Praise, Ipoh) and Joshua Chu (a friend of Dan's) at SS2. Not long after I got into Dan's car, my parents' car was right beside ours at the traffic light... hahaha... so Josh and Dan waved at them... ;P My mom was looking fwd to meeting Dan cuz she had heard so much about him from my brothers, my friends and some of my aunties (they met him when he visited me in the hospital last month). They had been saying nice things about Dan so she was curious to know how he looked like in person... hehehe...

The 3 of us went to Serdang to pick Josh's gf, Fei Yee up and then we picked Fei Yee's friend, Wendy up from Seri Kembangan. Then the 5 of us had dinner together and I got to know Fei Yee and Josh a lil' better... =) Josh, Fei Yee and Wendy attend the same church. During dinner, we talked about the upcoming youth camps, the advertising world, hip-hop dance choreography (Josh was a b-boy) and... we made fun of Dan (Josh kept teasing Dan about his vanity at one point... *ahem!*). After dinner, we took Fei Yee to the clinic cuz she stubbed her toe right before we picked her up... =/ She had 2 stitches... =( Btw, she looks a lot like Annabelle Kong, a local actress.

After dropping Fei Yee and Wendy off, the 3 of us had cocktails at Salivate @ Breakers in Desa Sri Hartamas. Dan had Virgin Mary and I had my fav Sex On The Beach. I forgot what Josh ordered... ;P Our cocktails didn't have much alcohol in them tho... but Josh was hyperactive... =P After playing pool, Josh suggested that we go up to Genting Highlands to chill and I was really excited about it but Dan was a bit reluctant to go at 1st... hehehe... but after much persuasion from me, he finally relented... =D

We left the place at midnight and we reached Genting an hour later. I had fun talking to them in the car and they really cracked me up with their funny antics. When they talked about their most embarrassing moments, and the craziest things they ever did, I laughed till my belly hurt! Speaking of crazy, the boys did some crazy stuff in Genting. At the parking lot, Josh took out a skateboard from Dan's car trunk and this is what he did:

Then we went to the park outside the First World Hotel to chill... literally... ;P We really enjoyed the cold weather... ^_^

The First World Hotel

Dan had to take his sleeping bag along to warm me up cuz I was wearing a sleeveless top and a short skirt... =_=" Hey, the trip was unplanned... *shrugs* While we were enjoying the view, suddenly my skirt got lifted up by the wind! But thank God I was sitting down and my handbag was on my lap so the boys didn't see much... @_@

This pic was taken by Dan with his camera phone right before my skirt got lifted up by the wind... =P


This is the part where my skirt got lifted up and Josh laughed and yelled, "Marilyn Monroe!"

At one point, the boys took off their shirts just to prove to each other that they could stand the cold... =/ Guys will always be guys, huh?

Other crazy stuff the boys did:

Daniel... Daniel... *sighs*


Josh & Dan posing as a gay couple...


Josh was getting all comfy in Dan's sleeping bag... =P
He looked as tho he just lost all his money in the Genting casino hence he had to spend a night in the park... hahaha!!!

After chillin' at the park for an hour or so, we had hot chocolate at Starbucks. Josh and I chatted about his graphic designing course and I shared with them about my ads that were nominated for the Kancil Student Awards last year. Josh and I loved to tease Dan about his vanity and his so-called "innocence" and "stupidity"... hehehe... ;P I hafta admit that Dan IS innocent in some ways but he's not stupid... contrary to what Josh had been saying about Dan... >.< In fact, he's one of the smartest ppl I know. He's a medic student, ya know... ;D

Me: Oi... smile la... dunno how to pose for pics ar?
Dan: If you look at the pic properly, you can see a tiny smirk there... and besides, I'm not a poser...
Me: RIGHT... =P


Dan & I

We left Starbucks at 3 a.m. and then we went back to KL. When Dan played Wang Lee Hom's CD in the car, we hummed along to some of his songs... hahaha... Dan is the only guy I know who agrees with me that Lee Hom is good-looking and extremely talented... ^_^

When Dan walked me up to my doorstep last night, I actually forgot to hug him... *slaps forehead* I hardly get to see him... only once in every few months... and I wonder when I'm gonna see him again... =/ I hope he's going to PD with my friends and I on Oct 7th... =)

Oi Dan, if you can't make it to the PD trip, we shall enjoy the JD and Baileys together next month in Ipoh, okie? *smirks* You know I dun take no for an answer... >.< Btw, PLEASE delete all the pics you took of me yesterday! *glares at Dan*


vic vic said...

ah ma kow..sue 4gotten bout us.. we went out together wif her b4 daniel but she only wrote about her outing wif daniel..sob sob.. u 4gotten dat we teman u go buy swimsuit la..sob sob..

michsue said...

awww... *hugz* dun la jealous... hahaha... i always write bout u guys... post so many pics of u guys sumore... u know i love y'all wan mar... *muaks!* hehehe... if it wasnt for the crazy stuff the boys did, i wudnt haf posted bout our night out oso... ;P

aNgeLic JuLiA said...

buy swimsuit? when? on saturday?

Anonymous said...

ooooo... ur friend is cute! daniel ding LOL! cute name too! u 2 look perfect together :P does he like u in a special way? ;)

bindiya said...

sue dont bother replying to tht andy moron..he will stop eventually..wht an asshole

vic vic said...

julz..she bought bright colour swimsuit.. looks sexy.. haha..