Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Mission Accomplished!

Yesterday morning, Suit Lin and I took a bus to a certain place in KL and by noon, we've "accomplished our mission." I can't disclose what that "mission" was, but I'll blog about it when the time comes... ;D Lemme give you some clues: copy, money, man, wife, mistress, love. Hahaha... betcha scratching your heads now... ;P

Wendy (who came down from Ipoh the night before) met up with us at Suit Lin's hostel and then we took a cab to Mid Valley Megamall. We had lunch at Manhattan Fish Market, shopped around a lil', and we watched Déjà Vu at 2.40 p.m.

The beautiful Christmas decoration in the center of the mall

After the movie, we met up with Jonathan Chu aka Pig Take Egg (zhu na dan) to plan something for Joanne Soo's party this Saturday night. Btw, Jon Chu is NOT related to Joshua Chu aka Cuci... =P About half an hour later, Syen appeared out of nowhere and surprised all of us... @_@ I knew Syen had returned from Singapore for the Planet Shakers conference but we didn't expect her to pop up yesterday... hehehe... ;P

Suit Lin: Sweat... =_="


Wendy & Jon

At 7 p.m., my parents and my younger bro Joe came to pick Wendy and I up for dinner. After dinner, Wendy chilled at my place for a short while and I managed to teach her some steps (dance moves) to Hillsong's "Christmas Time Again" so that she could teach the choir members of Church Of Praise, Ipoh for their Christmas presentation. Dan would be singing a solo for that song... =D Too bad I can't be there to see the presentation cuz I hafta perform on Christmas day in SLS... =/ Like Dan always says, "C'est la vie."

Look how adorable Wendy is... ;P

Anywayz, I'm so excited about tonight!!! 1st night of Planet Shakers concert at Sunway Pyramid Convention Center!!! WOOHOO!!! I'm going there at 5.30 p.m. to meet up with Suit Lin, Wendy, Syen and some other Youth Alive forumers. I can't wait!!! ^_^

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