Thursday, December 14, 2006

Planet Shakers Concert (Opening Night)

Plunder Hell, Populate Heaven!

Stranger: Who are you?
I'm a planet shaker, baby!

They say a picture speaks a thousand words... so here are a few thousand to help describe how the concert was:

Before The Concert

The Exorcism Of Emily Rose Wendy Lee Yau Wei


Suit Lin & I


The dude in red is a friend of Syen's
(I dun remember his name... =P)


Syen & Wendy


This dude is another friend of Syen's
(I dun remember his name either... =_=")


Candid shot
(Look at Miki's surprised face)


Wendy, Suit Lin, Syen, Miki & I


There were more than 7,000 youth in the hall, I think
(Prolly close to 10,000)

During The Concert

Song: Pick It Up


Song: Jump Around


Song: Beautiful Savior

Somehow my camera couldn't capture the lightings effect... =(

I was there with Syen, her 2 guy friends (I forgot their names! ;P), Suit Lin, Wendy, Miki, Johnny (Wendy's bro) and Lillian (Johnny's gf). I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Joshua Chu aka Cuci (his Chinese name is Chu Chee Heng) cuz he didn't tell me he was gonna be there so I gave him a warm hug the moment I saw him. He was there with his gf, Fei Yee... =D Btw, Cuci was also involved in yesterday's "mission" (read Mission Accomplished!). He's NOT related to Jon Chu, btw... =P

Oi pandi, when are we gonna yumcha? Where's the Step Up DVD you promised me, huh? =/

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