Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Message from a Perfect Stranger

When I logged into my Friendster account today, I had a shock. A perfect stranger sent me this:

I don't usually venture into the Internet for friends. Anyway as I was browsing through Friendster for fun when I saw your profile. Some voices in my heart (I'm a romantic!) tells me you are someone special; someone I just have to get hold of a need to contact you. So, without much thought I quickly subscribe for a month and launch into writing this email to you. Just could not pass up this chance to get to know someone like you. Reply only if you do not have any bf.

Anyway, let me introduce myself. My name is Luke*, Chinese, a 30-year-old working as a senior application consultant in KL. I have been in the IT industry for long time and hold a degree in IT, Post-Graduate Diploma in Management and an MBA from USQ. I'm 1.71m and 66kg. I was born in KL and presently live in KL but nationality is Malaysia but I'm also a Canadian Permanent Resident - Vancouver. I can speak English, Malay and Cantonese. I have a great personality, a great sense of humour, passionate and romantic.

It is my sincere aim to get to know you better and I am sure you will like me when you get to know and talk to me. I believe you have to talk to the person in order to know her well. Listening to the voice can tell you so much about the person. Therefore I hope you will be brave enough to provide me with your telephone number so we can talk. I will prove to you my sincerity and good intention. In the mean time, this is my telephone number: 0 1 * - 3 * 0 6 6 9 * if you wish to call. If you are reluctant or 'not trusting enough' to have phone conversation, then you do not need to reply this email even though I feel sad that I have missed the opportunity to know you more intimately.

Once you talk to me, you will know what kind of person I am. Hope to call you when I have your hand phone number. Please also provide me with your email address. You can email me at


* not his real name


What do you think?


aNgeLic JuLiA said...

i thk u should've at least blurred his number. that the least u can do for a stranger. cos he wanted YOU to have his number, not the whole world mar.

hmm, 171cm's my height. okla 1cm taller than me. so what, rite? :P

did he put up his pic in his profile? 30 yr-old holding an MBA from USQ. PR of Canada but funny sentence he can build.

reading it felt like reading someone's cover letter la. haha. maybe u should start taking in applications already :P

michsue said...

hahaha... i purposely put his no. there so that ppl can call him up and ask what his prob is... =P i'm so mean, rite? =/ but seriously... so weird la his msg... guys nowadays r weirder than ever b4... what da heck is wrong wit them, man... *sighs*

Jonathan Chu said...

woah. your picture must've attracted his attention so badly that he had no choice but write such a letter to you. And yes, it looks so like a cover letter.

I don't know what you'd do, but if I were in your shoes, I'd reply his friendster mail first before continuing. Just remember this: faking is as simple as farting. The F's are easy like shit. Get my point? Hmm?


Anonymous said...

the fact that he's 33 and is trawling through other people's friendster sites. and also if he's as good as his CV suggests, why doesnt he have a partner already lol!
it's a NO from me :) and anyhow, some guys take the smallest things (i.e. email) as a ray of hope...quoted from my male friends..
you're gorgeous anyhow my dear, undoubtedly.!

adriantai said...

i think ok wat... after all, you put up your profile and blog for public viewing, so expect to have some 'fans'.

u dun have to call... maybe just email or something. :)

oh ya... how ru?

michsue said...

hi jon chu! how r ya? wanna join suit lin and i for a movie one of these days? =)

huiyoong! hehehe... yeah, it's definitely a NO... i've alredy deleted his msg... =P

adrian, my brudda from another mother... and father... =P *lame* kekeke... how r u doing??? i'm okie ler... still single and available... intro some cute guys to me la...

adriantai said...

mark not cute enuff ka?!? ;)

errr... when got time to meet up la?

michsue said...

eeee... dun lebehhh la... *slaps adrian* dunno ler... hehehe... when i'm in da mood ler... ;P

InfiniteReveries said...

"Reply only if you do not have any bf."

LOL. This says a lot about him.

Suit Lin said...

Haha, I'll send him a mean email.:P

His English also suck la and you don't have to "sign up for a month on friendster". -.-

He sounds superficial too.

michsue said...

woon, yeahla... if he wanted to know me better as a friend, he wudnt haf said that, rite? its obvious what he wanted from me... =P

suit lin, pls do!!! hehehe... its weird that he said bout subscribing for a month... and he said "e-mail"... *confused* it was a friendster msg wat! stupid la he...

Hamster chia said...


the description is exactly like one of my collegue in the office lol. exept he is here in melb and not in kl. and his malay can take a hike, kaka.
better not IMO you Should know better then to just straight away meet up with people of the internet : )

joanne liyeng said...

It's a hoax.

I received a number of similar messages.