Monday, August 20, 2007

The US$1,000,000 Post

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Both Adrian and Jerry are my former colleagues at
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If I have USD 1 million, I will:

- fund my church and sponsor those who wanna go for mission trips to 3rd world countries


- buy a few more "wives" (guitars) for Dan


- go to Paris with Dan, Cuci and Fei Yee (Cuci's gf)


- buy a
BMW Z4 2.5i


- buy a Fujitsu Lifebook P1510 tablet PC


- buy an Apple 8GB iPod nano


- buy a Sony Ericsson W810i celly


- fly to Melbourne and hang out with my dearie Steph (shopping spree & clubbing, babe!!!) for
3 months


- hang out with Vincent and his gf Wendy at Melbourne for another 3 months (booze party every weekend at Vincent's crib... kekeke... ;P)


- fly to Sydney to have Japanese buffet with Huiyoong and Zhiyoong... ^_^ This pic was taken in 2001, the only pic we took together... =P


- go backpacking in Finland with Angeline, Kiyo and Gina (hey, I'm NOT too dainty for backpacking! >.<)


- buy a new wardrobe


- buy a luxurious crib (with swimming pool) for my family and I; maybe somewhere in Bangsar/Kota Damansara/Bukit Jalil and I want the interior to look like this:



Living Room

In-House Recording Studio

In-House Jamming Studio

Walk-In Closet

In-House Dance Studio for my Christ Clan


- buy a villa in Ipoh. Ipoh is my favorite place in Malaysia cuz I love Ipoh food!!! Plus it's only 45 mins away from Cameron Highlands and it's nearer to Penang (food paradise) too!


- go on a vacation with my family (to Rome, France, Japan, Hong Kong and US)


- throw the party of the year (with lots and lotsa booze!!!) and invite everyone I know, including the bhanders and my churchmates


- have a head to toe makeover. I wanna look like Michelle Reis... ;P

USD 1 million is not enough, man.

I need at least USD 3 million.

Now, I would like to tag these 5 people who are not millionaires yet (as far as I know, anyway):

1. Wendy Lee Yau Wei
Lim Ee Syen
Devaraj Smith
4. Sacha Dhanaraj
5. Julia Moh Hsiao Wei

***Start Copy***


"If I Have US$1,000,000..."

- Write a post based on the title above
- Tag 5 other bloggers
- Copy the list below and insert your own at the end

What These People Will Do With Their US$1,000,000:

1. SYH will spend for family
Miche will give to the needy
Montessorimum will keepsake
Lovely Mummy will spend & save
MummyInVain will fully utilise it
Babyfiona will buy a house & start a business
MonkeyWong will go on a long vacation
Janice Ng will upgrade the house & go on a long vacation
Emila Yusof will realize her dreams
Mariuca will open a Perfume Gallery
OndeOnde will quit her job!
Joe will buy a house & give to charity
Bobo will invest in property & pay for her parents to go on a holiday
Brad will spend all of his money on gadgets
Adrian will spend it all!
38kia will open a 38doll factory
17. Ant will buy a studio house
michsue will do all the things mentioned in THIS blog post


jam said...

Look like it is really not enough! I will go for a tour around the world if I got millions!

ant said...

I think you need 5 million USD :P

Cmate said...

cukup ke duit tu...? hahaha

michsue said...

jam, in today's world, USD 1 million is not that much anymore... =P

adrian, u gimme ler... ;P

gina, tak cukup la... macam mana?

yau wei(wendy) said...

If you wanna build a villa in Ipoh,you better a buy land now.hahaha!!!Am I going to stay at ur villa?lol

michsue said...

hahahaha... u wanna stay wit me at da villa? can geh... u cook and clean da house la... kekeke... be my "ah sei"... hohohoho!!!

yau wei(wendy) said...

yer...lidat la... pif!