Sunday, November 25, 2007

Dear Lord, please grant Dan journey mercies.

Mission Trip to the Philippines

A mission trip is where volunteers of a church travel to help others for an extended period of time. A short-term mission trip may consist anywhere from a week to a year or more, while long-term trips are generally more than a few years.

Mission trip destinations may include developing countries, impoverished rural areas in developed countries, areas that have suffered natural disasters, or low-income inner city neighbourhoods. Often, a mission trip will consist of members of a suburban congregation spending their days helping out low-income residents of inner city neighbourhoods.

Start: Nov 25, '07
: Dec 5, '07
Location: Butuan, Philippines

Dan went to the Philippines today for 10 days of mission work, on behalf of Church Of Praise, Ipoh. He and his team will be running workshops, leading in praise & worship, teaching, and preaching to the church in Butuan. I pray that God will make His will known to the entire team each step of the way and I pray that His protection, provision, wisdom and strength will be upon them throughout the trip.


Mission 3:16

"To know Him and make Him known is our creed."

I'll be going on a mission trip next year with my youth group, Christ Clan.

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