Friday, December 14, 2007

Cover Version of Steven Curtis Chapman's "I Will Be Here"

A former colleague (who's also a good friend) of mine, Joe Balan (the Managing Editor at Ixtive Media) showed me this video today:

I've loved this song ever since my eldest bro Kenneth sang it to his bride at their wedding dinner. CLICK HERE to read about it. This cover version of the song (by Jeremy "Passion" Manongdo from San Francisco) is so beautiful that it made me and Joe all teary-eyed... *sniffs* His voice is simply mesmerising... @_@ I literally swooned as I listened to it. I wish someone would sing this song to me someday... =/

This song reminds me of the time Dan serenaded me with Richard Marx's "Now & Forever"... =) I'm still keeping the video clip in my phone. CLICK HERE to read about it.



zeroimpact said...

I totally agreed with you
Learned bout this song when you wrote bout it the last time too and I find this song really touches the heart
Doubt I will be singing to song but it's really one that sticks in the heart silently

michsue said...

glad u like da song... ;) it's a good song...