Friday, December 28, 2007

The Tailor Made Man

Last Sunday (December 23rd), I went to Acts Church with my Christ Clan to watch The Tailor Made Man.

The Tailor Made Man was an awesome Christmas play with 'live' performances by Army of Three, Oneted and Fourletterstory in certain scenes in the play. Adapted from the biblical tale of Joseph, the production team took on an ambitious task of creating a "steampunk-future-retro" look, so it was something different... =)

Army of Three





Forget carols. Acts Church had taken a bold move to incorporate songs from the 3 local indie rock bands into The Tailor Made Man. The play, with its rock tunes and message of forgiveness and reconciliation, was totally brilliant!

The play was a futuristic twist on the story of
Joseph, played by a good friend of mine, Andy Yeoh (the lead vocalist of Altered Frequency; who's also a youth pastor now). Yeah, can you believe it?! Andy is a pastor now! He's the youngest pastor I know... =P The drummer of Altered Frequency, Agnel Raj, was also involved in the play; he was Mr Baker. Andy and Agnel, you guys were awesome! ^_^

Anywayz, the story tells of Joseph, who despite being betrayed and sold into slavery, persevered through much tribulations until he was made the viceroy of Egypt, thanks partly to his divine gift of interpreting dreams.

This is 1 of the best scenes, man... you rock, Jason Martin!


Andy Pandy (one of his many nicknames)... ;P


In this play, they synergised various creative expressions (theatre, bands, animation, choir, dance, costumes) to deliver a message that's relevant to the masses. The result? Sweet rocking success... ;D

Promo #1: "The Audition"

Video of (mock) audition process to get the lead role of Joseph.

Alex Tan looks silly in this video... ;P Btw, Alex is also a pastor now. It feels weird to call Alex "Pastor Alex". Same goes for Andy... "Pastor Andy" sounds so... holy-ish... =P

Promo #2: "The Tailor Made Song"

'Live' performance of original composition by the writer and director of the play, done in a light-hearted manner to reinforce the showtimes of TTMM.

Promo #3: "Trailer - Seasons on a Suit"

Play on words and visual of the invitation card.

Promo #4: "Famine PSA"

Useful tips to prepare for the 7-year famine.

After the play, we had a great time of catching up with Ps Kenneth Chin (who was the camp speaker at GetReal'07 Youth Camp: Celebrate Life -- I'll blog about it as soon as I've gotten the pics from my other committee members), Ps Sandra (Ps Kenneth's wife) and Alex Tan Ps Alex. I was introduced to Ps Alex's fiancée, Wern Lu, who played Mrs Potiphar aka The Seductress in the play. She works in the fashion line, btw. She's a gorgeous babe... ;D Alex, you're blessed... =)

The babe in the middle is Wern Lu

P.S. - Agnel and Andy, you guys STILL owe me ikan bakar... =P

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