Saturday, February 2, 2008

Switchfoot + Altered Frequency

Right now,
Switchfoot is rockin' thousands of people's socks off at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and I'm stuck at home because of work! *wipes tear-streaked face* Altered Frequency (AF) had been given the honour to open for Switchfoot 'Live' in Malaysia concert, along with Love Me Butch today... =/

From left: Agnel Raj (drummer), Daniel Wong (guitarist/vocalist), Andy Yeoh (lead vocalist), Kysern Lim (guitarist/vocalist) & David Gary (bassist/producer)

They have certainly come a long way and tonight is probably one of the biggest nights of their lives and I'm not there right now to support them! *sniffs* Sorry, guys... =/

I've known Andy and Nicholas Teh (the former guitarist of AF) before the band was formed so it has been a great honour to watch how the band grew to be such a huge success; from the very first gig at Soul Café, Bangsar in 2001 to opening for Switchfoot! I still remember how proud I was when AF (along with their labelmate, Juwita Suwito) got nominated for the Best New Local English Artiste category at the AIM Awards in 2005... =') Sweet memories, eh, Andy and Agnel? =D

By the way, Ju and AF are the first contemporary Christian artistes ever who made it THIS big in the history of Malaysia... ^_^ WOOHOO!!! *beams with pride like a proud mama*

Anywayz, my fellow blog readers, hope you have heard
Altered Frequency's latest single "Beyond Now" on Fly FM. Keep it on the charts, yo!

Just type
"Campur .. AF" and send it to 33399, aight?

CLICK HERE to listen to
"Beyond Now"!

Never heard of
Altered Frequency? You've GOTTA be kidding me, right? Where have you been? ;P CLICK HERE to know more about them! Or you can search my blog for old posts about Altered Frequency:

Here are some recent pics of Altered Frequency:

Altered Frequency @ the AYA Festival 2007
(Putra Stadium, Kuala Lumpur)


gavin said...

here because i googled for "soul cafe bangsar christian" because of memories about watching love me butch n 7 colour t-shirt playing at the venue with my friends. oh the feels *sniff*

michsue said...

Hi Gavin!

So were you a fan of Altered Frequency too? ^_^