Sunday, April 20, 2008

Totally You

I'm overwhelmed when silence speaks
I'm overcome by waves of love
I'm running away to the presence of You
I'm holding back not this wandering heart

Sanctify this life to live for You
Purify this heart to give to You

Unrestrained worship, total surrender
Unreserved passion, total devotion
Undeserved mercy, poured out upon me
Ever faithful Friend
Totally You

Totally subdued by Your whispers, Lord
Totally amazed by Your blessings, Lord


Cmate said...

Guess you really loved the CD eh?!

have a great day!

michsue said...

i've known and loved this song since 2003... when i first heard it... i bought da cd wert... dunno where it went... so i borrowed frm u lor...

kensw said...

Hi. I'm Kenneth and you most probably don't know me, but I was just playing this song today randomly during my QT and wanted to find the lyrics for the song. Thanks for posting it on ur blog :)

Was wondering if there's any chance you know the chords for this song or have the file?

Thanks so much anyways for just posting the lyrics here (= God bless!

michsue said...

Oh you know this song? It's written by a friend of mine, actually. He's from Acts Church in Subang.

Anyway, I think I do have the chords. What's your email address? =)

kensw said...

Yup! I'm from Malaysia too, just that I'm in Singapore studying now. And wow! You know the guy who wrote it??!! WAHHH!! Jealous wehhh! Yeah, I had the album, though it only had 5 songs (the green one), but this song somehow has came back to me this morning.

I only know it's in G, and the verse is D D G G, i get to the pre-chorus, i know the first chord is Bm, then im stuck... haha! Noob Guitarist!

My email is same as my blogger account (=

Thanks for replying (=