Friday, May 16, 2008

Girls' Night Out: Bar-Hopping @ Asian Heritage Row

Yesterday after work, I was pretty lethargic cuz I had a swim with my colleagues the night before at the pool in my office backyard (yeah, my office has a swimming pool; it's a bungalow house) and I had had a long day at work but since Sacha is my bestie, I agreed to go bar-hopping with her, along with Marlene and Julz. So I went home at 7ish, dolled myself up and waited for Sacha to arrive.

When Sacha arrived at my place at 9ish, I drove us to Asian Heritage Row at Jalan Doraisamy (she led the way, of course) and our first stop was Mojo. It was Ladies Night so we got a free glass of Cosmopolitan each... ;P When Marlene arrived half an hour later, we went to Bar Club cuz a friend of hers was deejaying there that night. After we had our Schnapps there, we adjourned to BED and waited for Julz to arrive.

At BED, we had a free flow of Margarita... ^_^ After that, we went to the nearest mamak restaurant and had our supper there.

Babes, thanks for a fun night out! =D MAYBE I'll see y'all at Azim's BBQ party next Tuesday... MAYBE... =P

Me &
Sacha @ Mojo Restaurant & Bar


Me, Sacha & Marlene @ BED


Me & Julz @ mamak (after leaving BED)


I look so different when I'm all dolled up, right? Maybe I'm "two-faced"... @_@

Please pardon the pun.

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