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Forever Plaid (The Heavenly Musical)

Forever Plaid (an off-Broadway musical comedy written in New York in 1990 and now performed internationally) is dedicated to "the good guys"
to the guys who saved their allowance to give their parents a special night for their anniversary; to the guys who carried an extra handkerchief; to the guys who never went beyond first base; and if they did, they didn't tell anyone... ;P

Forever Plaid is a swinging musical mix of 1950's and 1960's rock n' roll blended with witty comedy. It's a funny, touching, whimsical salute back to a more innocent time when front doors were not locked and music had understandable lyrics. Four young men who dream of becoming like their idols The Four Aces, The Four Lads, The Four Freshmen, The Hi-Lo's and The Crew Cuts are put out of business by The Beatles.

These four young men in the 1950s have distinct personalities: one is short and hyperactive (Sparky), another is
prone to nosebleeds (Jinx), one is a ladies' man (Frankie), and the last is a bookworm with thick glasses (Smudge).

Their Story

Sparky, Jinx, Frankie and Smudge, dressed in white suits with plaids around their waist, are on the way to their first major concert. They are an American musical quartet known as Forever Plaid. While driving in their little red car, they collide with a school bus carrying young, screaming female fans on the way to The Beatles' first concert in the United States.

Everybody on the bus miraculously survives, but the four young men meet an untimely end. Their souls are never to be in peace until they get together for one last time to give fans around the world a concert (from heaven) they never got the chance to give while they were alive!

Presented by Gardner And Wife Theatre, the hit musical was one that put a smile on my face, a tap in my toes and a tune in my heart... =D

List of Songs

Anniversary Song
Catch A Falling Star
Chain Gang
Crazy 'Bout Ya Baby
Dream Along With Me
Gotta Be This Or That
Heart And Soul
Jamaica Farewell
Kingston Market
Lady Of Spain
Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
Magic Moments
Moments To Remember
Not Much
Papa Loves Mambo
Rags To Riches
She Loves You
Sing To Me Mr. C
Sixteen Tons
Theme from The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
Three Coins In The Fountain
Scotland The Brave
The Bride Cuts The Cake
Hava Nagila
Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem
Rockin' My Soul

Joe, Steven, Graham and Anthony (all British as fish-and-chips despite their brilliant American accents) were born after the 1950s, yet adapted to the music of that era with great ease. They delivered honest, personal interpretations to the abovementioned oldies and I think they were at their most brilliant when they sang "She Loves You", a cappella-style complete with the necessary "doo wop" sounds of the 1950s.

Band spokesman and "shorty", Sparky, proved the most popular as his enthusiastic and chatty ways kept us entertained every minute!

The four men had great chemistry with each other and a great sense of humour, best displayed when they sang and danced with toilet plungers (masquerading as microphone stands). I really like the part where Sparky cross-dressed as a Spanish lady during a Latin-inspired number. That was hilarious!

The Cast

Joe Allen
as Sparky

Steven Craven
as Jinx

Graham Weaver
as Frankie

Anthony Williamson
as Smudge


Who I went to the play with:

From left: Me, my godma, Jessie (my cousin), Uncle Jimmy (Jessie's dad), Aunty Cathy (Jessie's mum) and Daniel (my cousin-in-law)

Belinda (my cousin) & I

My cousin (also my cell leader) and her hubby (my cell advisor)

From left: Belinda (godma's daughter), godma, me, Jessie and Aunty Cathy

Steven & Joe

Graham & Anthony

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